Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Play Day?? - 2 days and counting

Today, I have an entire day to spend at home.  A Play Day!  Yes, I have laundry. Yes, I have the usual housework.  I laughed when I typed that.  Living in a home that is under construction, housework is anything but usual.  I guess it has now become normal to me.  What can I say, I'm living in part my dream home, part totally out of control workshop.  

I have big plans for today.  Went into the winery yesterday for a couple of wedding planning meetings  While there, the owner of the winery and the new brewery, had something waiting for me.  He had made a batch of stout and over the weekend pulled out some of the spent grains.


The aroma is incredible.  Plans to play with it today.  Bread, rolls, muffins, I'm excited to experiment.  A play day in the kitchen!

I also have plans to work on a project.
Burlap in Colors
unknown source

I have big plans for today.  My mind does anyway.  My body, has other ideas.  I've been telling Mr. Norm that we need a new mattress and new pillows.  I'm not sleeping and having some neck and shoulder pains.
Now it's progressing and I woke up yesterday with a swollen area on my head behind the top of my ear.    Now I'm looking like this

unknown source
 Not sure what is.  It's making me mad.  It is taking me away from my play time and I don't like it!  I started this post early this morning.  It is now 5pm and I have yet to accomplish any of my play day plans.  Spent the day in bed.  Don't remember the last time I felt this bad. What ever it is must be effecting my tear ducts too.  I don't cry much.  Oh, I tear up when I laugh or when I'm moved by something.  But an all out uncontrollable cry, not in a long time.  Well this morning I woke myself with hyperventilating cries.  What the heck!  It was none stop until 1pm.  I finally feel asleep and was so relieved  when I woke, the tears had subsided.  I really makes me mad when I'm sick.  It's such a waste of valuable time and I don't like admitting that I probably have to go see a doctor.  

Update:  Saw the doctor last night.  The good news, I slept sound with all the drugs she gave me.  Not so good news, I have a double ear infection.  My lymph nodes are infected, unrelated to the ear infection.  And she believes that I have ruptured a disc in my neck!  

Today is a better day!
Springtime Flowers

Enjoy your day!


  1. Oh my...take it more hauling heavy stuff around for a while..your lymph nodes are trying to tell you something...take care..

  2. I think it's time for a little R&R for you! I know how you feel though, the worst thing about being sick is the time wasted! I've suffered from chronic neck tension and headaches, it seems my sleeping habits were the biggest culprit. I try to go for regular massages and I have an ergonomic pillow which has made a world of difference.

    Take care of yourself!

  3. Ain't for city girls is right.We only need to listen to our body.A healthy body is a productive body so take care of yourself darn it. I enjoy seeing your creative projects.

  4. I am so sorry that you are sick. Rest your body and mind and feel better real soon.

    God bless you, Amy

  5. I know all too well the feeling of wasted time and wasted life by being confined to a bed or feeling physical ill which most definitely creates mental anguish and emotional frustrations~I am finding that just as I was accepting my bedridden days I suddenly began to feel more energy and healing taking place~see I believe when we surrender to "what is" we are on our way to better things without even realizing it and then able to look back upon the time that felt torturous and smile because we got through it and learned a whole lot in the process:-) "He is the Lord of all healing." Praying comfort and peace~sending love and laughter back into your days.

  6. Oh My, so sorry to hear that.. Hope you get better soon. Cant wait to see all you do , love the ideas -inspiration. I totally can relate , i think my mind, goes ten times faster than my hands can go..Total A.D.D. im sure of it..Get Better soon, loving your blog, Your style is beauty.looking forward to being a follower.

  7. Glad to know that you have a diagnosis. Nothing makes me madder than feeling lousy with no legitimate reason. You need to slow down and rest--renovations can kill you! I know, oh, how I know! I had to get a job to get a break! :)

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