Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Rose Napkin Fold as Featured on SYTYCD


Start by laying the napkin flat.  I laid them out
on my vintage ironing board,pressing them at each step.

Bring the 4 points at each corner to meet in the center.


Holding the center firmly, flip over and again bring
the 4 corners to the middle.

At the point, carefully pull corners from 
underneath to create the rose.  Can also pull the 
first layer of corners out to create tips.

A simple addition to compliment your elegant or
rustic table setting.

Enjoy with Friends and Family.

Next post to feature LAYERING YOUR TABLE.

Layering your table linens is one way to make
your table stand out.

Be sure to visit the beautiful ladies at SYTYCD
and vote for your favorite two.



  1. Laurie, I must show this to my daughter. Her maitre d' uncle has showed her lots of different folding techniques which he says she picks up quicker than college students, so I know she'll want to try this one! : )

    And just in time for Easter!


  2. Laurie,
    Thanks for popping in, and I have to say I read your bio to the right, and OH, yes! how wonderful for you. All my dreams... Happy for you and your journey through life! Thanks for the awesome tutorial. How sweet. It looks fantastic. What a fancy and yet simple table it presents...one that would make any guest feel pretty special I think.
    You take care! Hugs.

  3. I love this! Did I miss something....what is in the center of the napkin? You have my dream life. :-)