Monday, March 8, 2010

They Interrupt the Regular Scheduled Work Day to...

I had plans for Sunday.  We were going to get the deck done for the hot tub and then off to mom and dads for another work day.  I was also going to do the tutorial of how I made my PB Pot Rack.

 The Forces of Nature had other ideas!
Our daughters and family surprised us.
 Our girls hand crafted the invites.
They and my sisters recreated the truck Mr. Norm
had when we first meet.  Isn't that the cutest cake?
Yes, we were always stuck in the mud.  Don't ask!
I honestly could not comprehend why Grammie T.
 and Debbie  came for work day. 
Still looking for mud.
Tammy had to say Happy 25th a few times before I got it!
I guess we had added a lot of stress, because we had our own plans.
Miss Sarah shared with me some of the emails that were flying
back and forth.  HaHa...if only I had known,
I could of really had some fun with them.

An email from Aunt Sue:
Although my salads don't make me think of your mom and dad, I'm busting butt to capture the spirit of "Chef Laurie" while I prepare them. :-) I carefully selected the best looking produce, minced real garlic instead of using my jar of already-minced-garlic, bought a basil plant to use fresh basil in one of the dressings, went to the butchers to purchase bacon which they raise and smoke themselves, carefully sharpened my Henckel chef knife twice during preparations, de-seeded hot house tomatoes instead of just dumping in those little grape tomatoes, and used gourmet red and white wine vinegars. On recipes I have never used in my life. These better taste good or I'm going to be really mad at! LOL!
An email from Miss Sarah:
Your sister is driving me insane!!!! :) She called me this morning at 7am to ask if Gary and I could come up to Medford tonight to help her fix her computer. I told her no that I haven't had a night home in weeks and tonight I was vegging on the couch. I talked to Gary and he's going to drive me down to Pittsfield after work and then go up to Medford after dropping me off to fix her new computer and then I'll have to ride home with Kristin and Frankie. Insanity!!!!!  They sure do know how to make a surprise party difficult!

SHE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY AS WELL!!!! She doesn't want a work day tomorrow so we are having it on Sunday. What do we do!!!!!
An email from my sis Susie:
Oh my gosh, THEY ARE PAINS IN THE ASSES!! I'm not sure, let me think about it and I'll try and come up with a story to get both their butts down here Sunday and not at 9 in the morning. Maybe something about the lawyer needs to meet with us before he leaves for vacation....hmm let me think about it and talk to Aunt Tammy.

Grammie T. saved a bottle of SCREECH.
A potent adult beverage that dad made for our wedding reception.
It is now 25 years old.
I've been wanting a tractor.  Look what Dad had for me.
I bet if I search long enough the rest of the tractor is around somewhere.

Aunt Sue took two hundred pictures!  So many more I want to share. 



  1. Laurie was a great day!! Love the way you put it all together here for all to enjoy..

  2. So happy you had a wonderful day!!

  3. Loved reading your perspective of your happy day!

  4. What a happy surprise! It looks like you had lots of fun! Loved the emails! ; )

    Happy Anniversary!!


  5. Too fun! And funny! Happy 25th!! Your family is wonderful!