Saturday, April 3, 2010

Painted Signs and A THANK YOU!

This is the week, the PERFECT WEEK!  I was voted off SYTYCD and I am thrilled. It is a blessing to of been a part of and I have been the winner. The opportunity to meet a sweet lady, that I now consider a dear friend, Miss Stephanie of Alchemy Junk.  When I was first asked to participate, I was a newbie blogger.  I had 4 followers, my daughter, my sister-in-law, Donna of Funky Junk and Stephine.

I have enjoyed being a part of SYTYD each week.  It is the perfect time for me to go.  My dream would be to participate once our farmhouse is complete.  As we continue on our journey I will share the projects and adventures along the way.

 A SPECIAL THANK YOU  TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL LADIES OF SYTYCD for the wonderful inspiration you have given me.

Here is my final entry for WEEK 6

After much needed rain, that lasted for days, the sun is out.  Spring feels like it has arrived.  Although, living in Maine, I know all too well that we could still get a foot of snow any day from now until May.  It is hard not to rush Spring.

All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Bedroom Ten

I saw these signs at PB and knew I must have them. They would look good with my collection of garden hats.

#1. I would not spend the money to purchase them from PB.
#2. I like authentic weathered signs.  The ones aged by the elements.  I know I could sand them and get the aged look now, I just really like the weathered tattered ones so much more.
#3. Our master bedroom has not been constructed yet.  Maybe, by fall.

The Solution:
Scrap Wood, White Wash, Black Paint and Patience.
First, I went on a scouting trip around the farm to see what scraps I could find. I'm not sure about anyone else, but sometimes, NO, a lot of the time, I will start a project with an idea in mind.  Then as I'm searching for the materials something will present itself and my project becomes something all together different.

This pallet and my fondness of authentic weathered signs, change the course of this project.

Did I tell you that I LOVE TO GARDEN.  We spend many hours in the garden.  The building where the garden tools are stored is a good distance from the gardens.

My solution to authentic weathered signs for our master bedroom (once completed), a garden tool organizer close to the gardens, and not spending a penny while accomplishing the above?

Yes, it was done free hand.  I like signs that don't look manufactured.  The words were placed so once fall arrives and the elements have had time to do it's work. I can remove and cut the boards to make individual signs. 

Now I have a place to keep me organized while I work and I will be rewarded with the fruits of my labor at Harvest Time

Garden Bounty and Wonderfully Weathered Signs

I got so excited about the possibilities of what these signs will look like by harvest, I found 5 more pallets.  I am working on a list of everything we plant in the garden.  I will be posting updated photos and a tutorial soon.

Now, where'd I store those garden hats?


  1. Laurie -- awesome signs!! And you have inspired me so much. Our son works at a building supply and pallets are a common cast-off there. We've recycled them for many a purpose, and I love this idea.

    Congrats on your participation in SYTYCD!! I'll have to back-track and catch up soon :) Have a wonderful Easter weekend. -Tammy

  2. How fabulous!!!! What a cool idea that didn't require building. I just love it.

    And freehand?!? How on earth... they don't look freehand done!

    Enjoy all the new things you've created through So You Think. That's what I will be doing the day it's 'my turn.' :)

    Happy Easter Laurie! It was a pleasure to be in this with you!


  3. Wow, I absolutely LOVE this!

    We are going to miss you!

    & I'm your newest follower!

  4. I love this idea! My garden butts up to an old shed, and I think I'll paint some of our plant names directly on the shed. Adding this to my "projects I love" on my blog!

  5. OMGosh, I have four pallets on the burn pile right now!! You know how they add up when you are Going to go rescue them right now!

  6. Gotta love those pallets! Love your freehanded signs!

  7. Love what you did with these pallets. Great job!

    My son built me a compost bin for mother's day last year with free pallet's from Tractor Supply. Great gift.

    I may be trying my hand at a sign similar to yours. Thanks again.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  8. Those are great. My neighbor has some pallets out back they are planning to get rid of. Maybe I should take them off their hands.

  9. Laurie you are so very creative !! It has been so much fun waiting to see what you would be doing for your next project..You are in inspiration to all of us very hard living so far away from you, following your blog and Turner Farm Creations has made me feel like I was sitting in your kitchen sharing a hot cup of tea.... What an amazing adventure you gave to all of us !! Thank you

  10. Clever, clever, clever. And that's all I can say besides why didn't I think of that? I can't wait to see what they will look like in the fall either! This project gives you double the fun, doesn't it? :)

  11. Laurie, you are a very talented and creative lady! I love these signs and I loved all your projects on SYTYCD. Thanks for your visit and your sweet comment on my numbered boxes and chalkboard mirror.

  12. This is just awesome! As an avid gardening and crafter too I must say...this ROCKS! Kim