Monday, April 5, 2010

When Inspiration Hits You Up-Side The Head!

I've only been blogging for a couple months now, and it didn't take me long to realize that bird themes are the inspiration to many decorators in blog land. Like this one at Junk Fest, Isn't it beautiful?

or these cuties I received a month or so ago from Denise at Living Life Creatively

I've spent some time thinking about this window in my kitchen.  Thinking about what, if anything I should put in it for decor.  It is 13 feet up, which creates a challenge.  It will only get dusted when the light bulb needs changing, as we use the 16ft ladder for that.
 Then INSPIRATION HIT ME!  It hit me hard right up-side the head!

After three hours of trying to get him to fly out, the poor fella got so tired I was able to pick him up and set him free.   I probably did have time to set up a tripod and do a proper photo shoot.  Then my pictures would not be so fuzzy. What was I thinking?!?  I wasn't!  I was so stunned that I had gotten hit in the head by a bird in my kitchen, I'm surprised I thought to take a picture.


  1. That's funny Laurie. I had to read it twice to find what hit you. Poor little birdie. BTW, you are way creative. I loved following you on SYTYCD. You had some amazing creations. Really enjoyed your entries. and I look forward to what you do next.

  2. Haha! I've been hit in the head by a bird but it was outside! But I think a little birdie decor in that window would be perfect! :)

  3. How funny! I love your tall ceilings and I LOVE your sign. So awesome.

  4. What some people will do to one up another. Okay, you get the over-the-top bird decorating award. Or should I say the over-the-head bird decorating idea? I am laughing my head off regardless. :) At least my decorations don't have to be cleaned up after. hehehe

  5. Birds do seem to super popular! I guess you could say that my whole blog is about birds. Love your in the world did that bird get in there?!

  6. LOL!

    Just gotta say, you have the coolest house EVER. I just love everything that you do to it.

    We were talking about birds, weren't we?


  7. Thanks for mentioning us in this post Laurie! I have a first cousin that lives in Maine, her address is Dedham...not sure where you are located in Maine? Anyway, she has a beautiful home too, looks alot like what you have going on! I hope to go there to visit someday. Have a great day!

  8. You were lucky the little bird didn't make a big mess in your home. I had one fly in and he got tangled in the lace on my canopy bed. Poor bird got so nervous that he pooped all over the lace and the bed! What a mess!

  9. Poor bird! And I have to agree with Donna. Your house is GORGEOUS!

  10. What a cute post! Oh yes, we've had a bird in the house on a couple of occasions (and had the birdie poop to prove it!). I'm just paranoid about getting a hummingbird in the house. We've had them in the garage, and oh my, they are a challenge to shoo out :-o

    I just love your house... I always drool over the pictures :) -Tammy

  11. You gotta go with what hits ya! Literally.

  12. ahaha too funny!
    It really seems to me like you are living my dream life! I'm sure there are ups and downs at your place, but OH what I wouldn't give to experience it all! You lucky duck!
    Love your blog!
    thanks for visiting and commenting on my giant faux clock.