Friday, June 25, 2010

A few things needed at the farm

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I have been stalking all the old farms on the roads between home and my parents homestead.  Dreaming of finding that old truck and tractor.  A little rusty with LOTS of stories to tell.  After 25 years of traveling the same roads, we've been taking some detours.  On one recent detour, I found the ford tractor and my heart skipped a beat.  By the time I got Mr. Norm to come take a look, it had SOLD!  It was exactly like the tractor my grandfather spent many hours mowing fairways.  The memories came flooding back.  That tractor was a work horse.  

I'll keep looking.  In the mean time, Mr. Norm surprised me.  We have babies coming to the farm.  LOTS of babies.  Pictures will be posted on the day of their homecoming.  

Make it a FABULOUS Day!  


  1. All good things come to those who wait...just like on my little trailers I have learned to have patience and one day just the perfect little gem will be in someone's yard...

  2. God knows your hearts desires...

    So glad to see you on here.

  3. Babies?? Babies, you say?? :) Can't wait!

    I'll bet your dream machine will just turn up one day at the Turner Farm. That's just the way things happen - when you least expect it ;) (love those pics!) -Tammy

  4. We have a lovely '48 Farmall ... my grandfather's ... but someday Mr. Mark will restore it ... I can't wait ... it still runs and only needs cosmetic work. Can't wait to see your new babies! Perhaps Mr. Fox will be a thing of the past before they arrive.