Monday, September 20, 2010


A Day of Rest
We have been so busy coming and going
 we hadn't noticed just how high the grass had gotten.
On my to-do list ~ harvest carrots.
We probably should of done it yesterday. 
 We hadn't been home for any length of time in months.
 When Mr. Norm suggested a walk,
what could I say?
Our 12o acres boarders a 1500 acre parcel
there is so much to discover
lots of ponds


I brought along my new camera, I'm still learning.
I wish I could of captured the family of beavers
working hard preparing for winter. 
I could relate
The long hours over the summer had started to take their toll
It still amazes me what a walk with nature will do for one's soul. 
God has blessed us.
I slept soundly last night.  The first night in months.
Woke refreshed and energized.
Watched the sunrise from the hot tub 
and soaked in more of nature's beauty.
Today I am home.
I will be catching up on chores that have been neglected.
Harvesting the gardens
and I hope to finally work on this
While I work I will be Thanking God 
for all the blessings he has given our family.
  As a family we were in despair after Kylee's 
visit with her doctor last week. 
 In a firm and direct manner he told her "You are dying".
Two days later, God revealed to her and all of us who is really in control.

Read Kylee's touching story.

GodSaves~Keepin' On



  1. You do a lovely job with this, Laurie. I'm jealous I have no artistic talent.

  2. Thanks for updating on Kylee. I thank God that He is in control of her life and her healing!!!!

    I always love hearing from you, Laurie.

  3. Beautifully said. I am so happy you had an opportunity to recharge. Love yu!!