Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It appears that my girls may be adopting a tradition.  
One that is tugging on my heart.
First to announce a change in their home was Miss
Kristin.  She and her husband are under going some
major renovations and a tree would be in the way.
She is more like her mom than she cares to admit!
Next came the announcement from Miss Sarah.  Her
husband is in the midst of finishing his doctorate and
they are up in the air as to where they will be. 
The idea that my girls would not have a tree sent my 
heart a spinning.  
A few fresh greens and a festive ribbon, Oh my!

When Miss Sarah announced on fb that they
would not be having a tree, all the moms united.
Prompting Miss Sarah to do some research of her
my girls and I will be pulling out the
power tools and the baking dishes...
they will have a Christmas tree

or two...

I may just have to keep one of these
for the farm.  

all photos from google.com

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On the first day of December

My true love gave to me...
something that is a little rusty....
and has the number 3...

I know! I'm blaming it on this dang head cold
thingy.  Today I am one with the tissues.

Boy, my teeth hurt...

Speaking of decorating, WOW all of you
have been busy!  Your Christmas mantels 
and other decorations are looking
I'll be honest, I'm a wee bit envious.  

I'm really wanting this room done

It's going to be just like Christmas when
I can finally unpack . 

In the land of misfits ~ storage unit 
for 3 years  Santa has to find his way this year!
Determined to add some cheer to this
construction zone, I bundled up and ventured outside
and chopped down our tree
Concerned that it might dry out too much before
Christmas Day, I used some of the wet foam we had 
left over from Miss Sarah's wedding.  
covered that with some of what nature provided me.
As I sip on my tea, begging Mr. Norm to pull my 
teeth ~ I smile~ bumbles bounce and Charlie Brown would
be proud.

I'll be back in the am to post some photos.~ by the
time I got it set up and decorated it was dark and 
my nose was shining bright. 
 Oh and this galvanized thingy...

Can any of you guess what it is?  It is one of a pair.

No silly, not two turtle doves...