Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On the first day of December

My true love gave to me...
something that is a little rusty....
and has the number 3...

I know! I'm blaming it on this dang head cold
thingy.  Today I am one with the tissues.

Boy, my teeth hurt...

Speaking of decorating, WOW all of you
have been busy!  Your Christmas mantels 
and other decorations are looking
I'll be honest, I'm a wee bit envious.  

I'm really wanting this room done

It's going to be just like Christmas when
I can finally unpack . 

In the land of misfits ~ storage unit 
for 3 years  Santa has to find his way this year!
Determined to add some cheer to this
construction zone, I bundled up and ventured outside
and chopped down our tree
Concerned that it might dry out too much before
Christmas Day, I used some of the wet foam we had 
left over from Miss Sarah's wedding.  
covered that with some of what nature provided me.
As I sip on my tea, begging Mr. Norm to pull my 
teeth ~ I smile~ bumbles bounce and Charlie Brown would
be proud.

I'll be back in the am to post some photos.~ by the
time I got it set up and decorated it was dark and 
my nose was shining bright. 
 Oh and this galvanized thingy...

Can any of you guess what it is?  It is one of a pair.

No silly, not two turtle doves...



  1. My maiden name is Turner :]

    Lovely blog!

  2. I have to laugh along with you...I know exactly where my Christmas stuff is but WAY to far in the back to get to ...silly me...I thought we would be done with the house by now!...I should know better...

  3. Why oh why have I not been a follower before? Please accept apologies not getting to your blog sooner. Maybe I have. Anyways I'm a follower now and I'm going to stay and look around Turner Farm.

  4. Love the photos ! Sorry you have the sniffles.
    As for that metal thingy I havent a clue ! Have a warm day !

  5. Colds are the worse aren't they!! You did well to cut your own tree. Will be looking forward to the photos of it decorated. I have to think about the galvanized thingy but, I think it looks like a bumper from a truck.

  6. How nice that you get real Christmas tree, we have to contend with the fake ones here but still I am very happy to have it decorated:D

  7. I do hope you are feeling better. Love what you did with your little tree. I think you could make anything look good and I know taste good.

  8. I sure hope you’re feeling better lady. Your little tree is wonderful and I love how you did the rocks--love natural decorations. You are a talented lady. I have no idea what that galvenized thingy is--looks like a kind of trough or gutter but I know that’s not it. Hmm? :)