Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It appears that my girls may be adopting a tradition.  
One that is tugging on my heart.
First to announce a change in their home was Miss
Kristin.  She and her husband are under going some
major renovations and a tree would be in the way.
She is more like her mom than she cares to admit!
Next came the announcement from Miss Sarah.  Her
husband is in the midst of finishing his doctorate and
they are up in the air as to where they will be. 
The idea that my girls would not have a tree sent my 
heart a spinning.  
A few fresh greens and a festive ribbon, Oh my!

When Miss Sarah announced on fb that they
would not be having a tree, all the moms united.
Prompting Miss Sarah to do some research of her
my girls and I will be pulling out the
power tools and the baking dishes...
they will have a Christmas tree

or two...

I may just have to keep one of these
for the farm.  

all photos from google.com


  1. These are sooo creative! Just love the different looks. :)


  2. Gosh, those are cute! My fave - the next to the last pic. Maybe it's because I have so many stray junky boards around the place! Thanks for sharing - and have fun with your creations. Can't wait to see! -Tammy

  3. Laurie,
    How creative! I'd take the one of baked goodies, but it wouldn't last long!

  4. The ladder is such a cool idea. The stack of books was neat also. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without some sort of tree.

  5. Surprisingly, that ladder is quite festive!

  6. I vote for the ladder, the lumber and the books! :)

    good luck, take pics, keep us posted.

  7. Love those out of the box trees. How cool. Can't wait to see what you come up with, you sweet mama you.

  8. That was such a fun post! I wish I had thought of the board tree or the ladder tree. I do believe they would have been much easier to decorate!

  9. They will have such fond memories, thinking back to their first Christmas or two, and their creative trees.

  10. Wow--these trees are amazing. You should definitely keep one. What a great momma you are--making sure your girls have their trees :) My momma would do that too!

  11. laurie...please re-post this next Christmas...these are absolutely fantastic! Of course, the ladder tree would be perfect for us...though the book tree would come in a close second!

  12. I love these trees. What fun. Just showed my husband the wood slat tree and told him to get out the saw! Fun!