Monday, January 31, 2011

30-Day Challenge ~ Day 15

A challenge within the challenge
The addition of a salad a day.  Not difficult for
me as I LOVE fresh salads.
My blender decided it had enough and retired.
Not wanting all this goodness to go to waste, I'll be
shopping for a new blender tomorrow.
Loving the smoothies in the am.
Started some fresh sprouts today,
a wonderful Christmas Gift from the
family swap.

Now  the the rest of the challenge
within the challenge.

In addition to the daily smoothie:

Add a fresh salad 
At least 1 hour of exercise a day
At least 1/2 spent outside.
No meat.

How am I feeling with my first 15 days you ask?
Why fabulous thank you!

Increased energy, decreased mental fog, increased
sleep and decreased 7lbs!

Be back on Wednesday for YUM ~ Top 5.  Thinking
about making it a weekly Wednesday link up.
Pick your top 5 YUM of the week.  See my last weeks



  1. This really is the way we should eat...I am going to start reading up on it but I would have to have my coffee in the morning and Scotch in the evening...I think anyway...scary

  2. Great job with your challenge! Proud of you!!

  3. Well, I could totally diet on any food you made. Lookit that salad!

    LOVE your YUM ~ Top 5 for a link party! I think you should go for it!


  4. Feeling fabulous and 7 lb down! That is wow!