Monday, January 17, 2011

~ Baby It's Cold Outside ~

I knew work would be too busy around the holidays
for me to blog. Planning and executing Christmas
Parties for others always drain me, in a positive way.
By New Year's Day I had big plans ~
I had hired someone to redesign my blog, with a plan to
reveal and share my New Year's Goals and completion of

some of my latest projects, along with the fun and 
festive creations made for the celebrations
As I write, I am on a hunt for a new blog designer.  
Paint sits on the floor in the exact same place it 
was in early December.  Funky decor leans
against the wall waiting to find it's new home. 
Another project popped up and took priority.  
One that leaves me breathless, my legs aching 
Forcing me to sleep better than I had in months.
Recharging my internal batteries, on snowshoes...



  1. Ohhh, I've missed ya! I hope your batteries are re-charged very soon!

  2. Hi Laurie...Snappy Di (she is on my blog roll) can help you do anything you want on your of this time she doesn't even charge! she enjoys it that much. I'm thinking of doing something myself but don't know quite what....missed you!

  3. I've missed you too!! The twins have a pair, I'd steal them but I'm a bit too heavy! : )

    Beautiful photos!

    Hugs ~Andrea~

  4. P.S. She might charge for a full blog make I guess I should not offer someone's services for free...anyway, she is SO easy to work with and is an expert on her computer!

  5. I've been wondering where you've been. So happy you are well and enjoying snow shoeing.(Is that spelled correctly?) Any way great photos and glad you have been re-charged.

  6. Sharon at Plumrose Lane is a real sweetheart tell her I told you to drop by....

  7. Happy to see ya back in the blogging world !
    Great photos and post.
    Have a wonderful day !

  8. I have missed you, my friend. So nice to hear from you. Really, it is!!!!!