Saturday, January 29, 2011

BON APPETIT ~ Centerpiece

to cook
and create
using some of my favorite things
to accomplish both things

blending new memories 
with old

and believing 
the centerpiece of any home
should be anchored with

enjoyed and remembered with
What can I say?  After days of being snowbound,
I'm becoming a bit stir crazy. 
My current path to the boiler house to tend the
fires.  Ok, slight exaggeration Googled ~ Chef lost in snow drifts

Slightly whining, unable to work on any construction projects 
and really wanting to participate in Miss Donna's SNS Link
up on centerpieces.  I distract myself.  

Joining the Tuesday fun at Coastal Charm.
~Zero dollars ~
Edited this post:  Headed out of town for a few days
Wanted to join the fun with Vintage Thingy Thursday at Colorado Lady's Blog

I spend my time in my kitchen developing recipes using the
wines and ales produced at the winery.  
Maybe, just maybe I shouldn't of sampled so much.
Channeling my beloved Julia?

While mixing, blending, infusing, tasting, and all the
while thinking..

What would my centerpiece be? 

No getting out, only using what I have on hand. 
all my centerpiecery pieces still in storage.
 No fresh flowers.

What to use?

Well food of course! Duh!
With that major decision behind me , I went for a
walk with Oakley.  
Guess what we discovered?
Our first jellyfish on the farm. 

I really need to get out!


  1. How funny, Laurie. I love that wooden bowl with the popcorn and the hook on it. I would rather have your food as a centerpiece than flowers. Yummy!

  2. Awesome photos. mmm yummy looking food ! Have a great day !

  3. LOL! You're not only wildly creative and a great cook, you're hilarious too! Oh my WOW... only you could make food look this enticing. LOVE your unique take on centerpieces! I like you snowbound just fine. LOL


  4. Gorgeous, the food, the display and the photos. I thought I was already a follower, I am again now.

  5. You are so funny! I so love a good sense of humor and edible centerpieces. Great photos.

    I've just become a happy friend and follower. Hope you can stop by. I'm having a $30 gift card giveaway (ends Sunday nite).

  6. What great photos. I love centerpieces that have two purposes. The snow drifts are something else. More snow on the way Tuesday!

  7. haahhhaaa...what a delightful post. You do, indeed, sound like you are suffering from cabin fever. :))

    Your ideas here are just precious. You gave me so much inspiration. I love it all...
    especiall am lovin' your adorable humor. :))
    I'm linking up to follow..if you stay in much longer, you are going to come up with some awesome decorating things that I don't wanna miss.
    Come see me sometime...:)
    xo bj

  8. ok, I'm your newest follower and also wanted to say that I can't wait to see your chandy ideas for the next SNS. :)))

  9. love all the rustic charm in your centerpiece and pictures

  10. Wow, you had me going there with the snow path pic! lol! Loved this post! Here in MO, we had a short thaw, to be followed by a short breather, then come Monday... thar she (snow) blows again. Stir crazy indeed! :-p -Tammy

  11. Great post--your creativity is amazing and beautiful. I love the jellyfish-how fun and Oakley looks like he was having a great time :)

  12. I am back to let you know I've featured you on SNS #67's sidebar this weekend. :)

    Only one issue to deal with. I'm hungry every time I gaze over your lovely post! ARG... however does a chef stay slim?!?


  13. There are so many cute ideas in this post I keep coming back to re-read it! One of my favorite is the little cast iron skillet..that would be so cute for a could set the table and then bring the food out in individual servers...going to do that next time...

  14. Love the pan with the funnel. Unexpected and wonderful! Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  15. Laurie, most of my stuff is in storage in the shop...will be a while before I do any tablescapes...getting a little frustrated but what you going to do??...

  16. Laurie....Love, love your blog. Thanks for the comment on mine! Have a wonderfully warm day full of love an laughs!!

    Bee Haven Acres

  17. I'm your newest follower. Your food looks so good. Look forward to reading your blog.

    Come visit my blog at
    See whats going on in our neck of the woods.

  18. Great photos and appitising food! You have just given me an inspiration: I am going to drag out my old iron skillet (and it's a monster) and use it in a vignette! (Now, if I can only remember that in the morning.)

  19. What a wonderful post! The centerpiece, the food displays, the photo's...all beautiful!

    And I couldn't help but giggle at the jelly fish on the farm. :)

  20. Oh, I simply love your table setting! I am so glad you linked in to share with us. Happy VTT!