Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~ YUM ~ Top 5

Adding lemon water to my 30-day challenge - YUM #1
Fresh fruit and veggie smoothies - YUM #2
Played in the kitchen with the newest Ale.
Love cooking with wine or ale ~ adds depth of flavor.
Created a "Red Flannel Ale" Bread Pizza
Topped with baby spinach and fresh mozzarella.
Served with the minestrone I made Mr. Norm -YUM #3

Looking for some finishing touches for a few of my rooms.
Came across this amazing rug. Miss Sarah and I are
working on creating one - YUM #4 - etsy shop here
Also on the to-do list - YUM #5 found here
With this post sitting in draft form, I visited a few
blogs this morning.  Editing this weeks Top 5 
to include every thing on Miss Donna's post today.
Can you say YUM! and Double YUM!!



  1. That is the strangest chair...but I really like it!

  2. Great list....I'm going to start adding lemons to my water. I never think to do that. Your wonderful pizza is calling my name. Fresh Mozarella and spinach - perfection!

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  4. LOL! I'll trade you my chair for your food. Yeah, I would say YUM to that any day, chef laurie!

    p.s. your snow 'removal' post is hilarious!!


  5. Double, triple, etc YUM!! Those pillows look right up my alley, and the rug- wonderful! Off to check them out. Thank you :) -Tammy

  6. Laurie, I've been making up a big dispenser of water and adding lemons to encourage everyone to drink water - so dry here in the winter! It looks great and gets their attention when walking through the kitchen and tastes so refreshing they want more! Hope your 30 challenge goes well.