Wednesday, February 16, 2011

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ #2

Welcome to YUM - Top 5 ~ #2
Starts each Wednesday at 8am Eastern

Morning sunrise on my way to the coop YUM - #1

Researching decorating ideas as we plan our Master bath ~ YUM - #2

Celebrating our Anniversary ~ Blessed with two beautiful girls ~ YUM - #3

Preparing our anniversary dinner with produce we harvested from
our garden last fall ~ YUM - #4

 and this market bag ~ A BIG YUM
ordered it on just before Christmas 

YUM - #5

Look forward to seeing what YUM's put a smile in your heart this week.
Please link back to this page.

The weekly YUM - Top 5 will be scheduled to start earlier beginning next week.



  1. What a beautiful family you have! And a gorgeous farm, too. I love this YUM idea. I'll try to join if I have time.
    The market bag is so cute, I've seen it on ETSY.
    Becky C

  2. O, I've made my name too big in the thumbnail and don't know how to delete it and make it smaller...bwaaaaaa

    The photo of you with your family...sooo cute. I just love that you are all laughing so hard.
    The market bag is adorable..

    I'm going to put your button up high on my sidebar to spread the word about TOP 5's such a fun meme, I want others to know about it. It just takes a little while for new memes to get going. :)

    Thanks so much for hosting and if YOU can delete my name, just leave off the YUMS. I can see that it is going to mess up the lineup of thumbnails.
    So sorry.

  3. oops, I meant to ask ...on your rules for Top 5, do you want only one entry or can we add 2 if we have another post full of yums?
    Some meme owners (for lack of a better word :)
    like only one entry per person, others say "bring it on."
    xo bj

  4. BRING IT ON ~ Love seeing what makes your heart smile ~

  5. These photos are fabulous!
    Oh, and I'm going to Etsy right now to order a market bag :)

  6. Love your pictures!! Thanks for hosting Yums! This is the first I have entered since I have only been blogging for about a month. This was so much fun!!

  7. Love all your YUMS this week, but that market bag is just too cute!


  8. Love your photos and post. I like the market bag, I was reciting the rime in my head as soon as I saw it lol. Have a great day

  9. I got the bag on etsy. com at the following link ~ she has so many ~ hard to decide. They are wonderful and handle just about any load you want to put into them.

  10. Hi Laurie! I just found you and so happy I did!Love seeing your pictures and your beautiful, close knit family. Such happy pictures.I can see why they make you smile.
    I'm excited for your meme and hope to join in next week! Must get to snapping more pictures. :)


  11. aww, thanks for highlighting the bag!!!

    it looks great in your photo.

    here's the direct link to the shop:

    love your top 5!

    thanks again.

  12. Fantastic shots, especially that beautiful sunrise... =)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Your Yums are Yummy!!! I really love the market bag. I don't know if I already told you, but I also am loving the new look of your blog.

  14. That bag is great! I love etsy. I don't think I can get enough!! I really like that wedding's great that's it's real:)

  15. Thank you for visiting Cackleberry! I adore your potrack. I wanted to do something similar, but I never found an old ladder. We finally ordered one on the internet. Your whole kitchen is awesome! I'll be back this weekend to check out older posts!

  16. Thanks for the comment! (I sent a message through Blogger but I'm not sure now, that the messages I've been sending to other bloggers are being received. A learning curve in everything!) The drawer was such a cool find. It is heading for a mini-project in my kitchen.

  17. I was out of town last week but I am working on a post for this Wednesday :) I think this is so cute!