Wednesday, February 9, 2011

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ First Linky Party

Starts each Wednesday at 8am Eastern

A warm cup of coffee on a -8 degree day ~ YUM - #1

New Light for the Farm ~  YUM - #2

Barn door for the bath ~ YUM - #3

My collection of Rolling Pins ~ YUM - #4

Wouldn't you love to know their stories

It is an obsession

I won't tell you how many I have in storage.

Another obsession ~ RUST
This beauty belongs to my family
YUM - #5

Look forward to seeing your weekly YUM
Share any top 5 
Anything that makes you stop and smile



  1. Thanks so much for finding me and for hosting such a cute linky party! I quickly put together a post of the thing tha most makes me smile! I'm looking forward to following your blog ... and getting to know you! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh Laurie, I'm lovin' those yums of yours! That door is amazing!! I gotta make me one of those. :)

    Thanks for the fun party! Fantastic, quick, interesting!


  3. This is such a fun idea for a your top 5 and hope to join up sometime.(-:

  4. Thanks for the invite! I'm visiting everyone's yums...and loved yours too! I will join up in the future too. :)

  5. Oh, I just came by to link, I almost forgot, and find you so kindly did it for me. I appreciate it.
    I LOVE your meme. I know I will be a regular linker as I seem to have a LOT of YUMS.
    Thanks so much for the fun.
    love, bj

  6. laurie,
    i found you via donna (fji)and i am YUMming all over that slider door...we are in the process of doing the exact idea with our bath reno in progress. we have the track, rollers and are re-using the existing door. i'm working on my 5 yums and will be posting/linking soon!

  7. Oh, I love those rolling pins! I have just one old rolling pin with red chippy paint on the handles and I just love it! I will definitely be joining up next week when I have time to prepare my 5 yums!

  8. This was so much fun...linking to your party today...thanks for your comments at Mel's Cabin too. I'm glad you enjoy my homemade apron and pillows I made today while watching it snow outside the cabin.

  9. Your collection of rolling pins are awesome. I also LOVED the door. Great post!!

  10. Laurie, What a great collection of rolling pins. I have a few obsessions myself...transferware, ironstone, silver ect, ect ect! My collections are outgrowing our house.

  11. Found you through Funky Junk. Thanks for hosting! I will put something together for this. (I thought I was the only one with a flying ladder?? lol)

  12. Love your rolling pins too. My mom has a collection of them too. Thanks for the comment on my blog (Barn Creations) Next week I plan on listing my yums. Wonderful Pictures!! Don't be a stranger come visit my blog and see whats going on in my next of the woods.

  13. I L♥VE L♥VE L♥VE the barn door for the bathroom! OMGosh, that's so awesome!!! =) I'm definitely going to look into that!

    This is a weekly meme here? To post something that makes you happy... Ok, I can get into that! You're going on my meme list at the top of my page! This is going to be fun! =)