Wednesday, February 2, 2011

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ wk2

Have always loved Subway Art
Barn Owl Primitives' Newest Original
Yum - #1
Enjoying yet another winter day outside ~
Where in the world is Oakley?
 Yum - #2
Snowshoes ~ now my necessary wardrobe accessory
Yeah, yet another Wednesday Snow Storm! 
All the while dreaming of this 
I searched for this amazing blog all morning, sorry I couldn't
 find the original link, I promise to share as soon as I find it.  
This farm-gal shares her blueprints of how she accomplished 
these beauties. I down loaded the blueprints and have been 
reworking some of our gardens ~ come on spring! 
YUM - #4
Surprised with a Lobster Dinner from Mr. Norm
 on a cold winter day ~ YUM - #5

How has your week been?  Got some YUMS?
Next Wednesday will be our first 
YUM - Top 5 Wednesday Link Up.
Look forward to seeing what yumminess 
you have to share.



  1. All sounds and look wonderful.
    Cant wait for the blue prints your gardens are beautiful and wonderfully designed !
    Have a warm and safe day !

  2. That garden is a dream and that dinner...dreamy!

  3. I love Subway Art too. Will have to check that one out. Yes, another storm yesterday and then one today and now I just heard another on Saturday!
    This is really getting old!

  4. Beautiful garden!

    Spring is not far off.......

  5. Heaven, heaven, heaven...the garden AND the lobster dinner! No matter where we live, we wish we were somewhere least part of the time! How many inches of snow is that? We have 6, a lot for us here in Arkansas! Stay warm, can't wait for that link I need some green in my life!

  6. Ummm...the garden looks amazing.
    Ok, I just jotted down your linky party on Wed. Is that 5 of ANY thing we think was yummy in our week? I can't wait to join you 'cause I ALWAYS have yums in my week...all kinds of yums. :))