Monday, February 7, 2011

YUM ~ Whats Yours?

Had a busy weekend
A beautiful winter wedding at the winery
How wonderful is it to be a part of such a special day of a couple's life
I LOVE my job.  Definitely a big YUM!

What are your TOP 5 - YUMS?

I can not wait to see what yours are for the week.

YUM - Top 5 First Linky Party ~ Wednesday



  1. How awesome to love your job so much. That is really YUM. I bet it was a great wedding :) Great idea for a linky too.

  2. You amaze me! I can't believe you can fix food like that. What a gift you have.

    I LOVE your new header. Your blog is very "polished" looking.

  3. Okay, I'm back. I just looked at and read your About the Farm and I loved it. Your view is incredible, your kitchen is gorgeous, your family beautiful and I love that you own a golf course on land that is that old. I also love that part of why you blog is to document your life for your children and beyond. You are one neat lady.

  4. Your menu has me that's yum! What a fun profession you have! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. Laurie, I wish I lived closer...I would love to work with you and learn everything you know..I would probably do it for free ....just to soak up all your wonderful ideas!

  6. Wish I could enjoy a day, or dinner with you. The menu looks divine and you help the couple create a wonderful memory!

  7. What a lucky couple to have YOU as their chef!

    I love that you love what you do. : )

    I see some work in progress happening on the blog, I like!


  8. Love your new blog look! Its great that you love what you do thats very rare ! Lovely post and yyuummy menu. Have a wonderful day !

  9. I sure wish I could cook like you. You sure are quite an artist in the kitchen. I can just taste that decadent brownie.

  10. I LOVE what you did with your ladder!

    As soon as I get a house, I think that will be happening in my kitchen!

  11. Oh, my! The menu looks fabulous, Laurie!
    Top 5 Yums??
    shrimp, perfectly broiled
    a great yellow cake (I have the recipe)
    tonight - creamy chicken lasagne
    baked custard

  12. Hi Laurie ~ Just wanted to thank you again for visiting my blog today! I was just surfing around your wonderful blog and just had to show my husband. He loves to cook and was intrigued by your beautiful kitchen. He doesn't use recipes either. Everything is made according to taste. :) I was amazed and impressed at your homestead and golf course and all of the goals that you have. Congratulations on everything that you have achieved and want to achieve!

    Blessings ~

    xoxo laurie

  13. Now that menu does look YUM!!!!


  14. I came by to share my YUMS..No Mr. Linky, tho??

    xo bj