Thursday, March 10, 2011

We're Back

It has been an amazing couple of weeks.  I want to send out a big Thank You to Miss Sarah
for being a guest poster here at the farm.  She and her husband did a lot of work to make
it possible for Mr. Norm and I to get away.  Get away we did.  We had a fabulous trip.

We slept until we were done. Enjoyed the local treasures.  
The scenery was breath taking.  The food ~ YUM!
Snorkeling ~ Swimming~ Eating~ Drinking~ Relaxing

Our biggest decision - pool side or surf side.

Enjoyed many of the local eateries.  Inspiration with every morsel of food and drink we had.
Brought back many new spices to experiment with.

Mayan Coffee a fitting toast for our pending return to the farm

Welcomed home to an ice storm and below normal temperatures.
A whooping 100 degree difference our last day there.

Always a blessing to be home.

Just a bit challenging when you return to 48 hours of no power.

Worth every moment.  The powerful blessings of sun, fun, and sand

Have many more to share in next weeks YUM - Top 5


  1. Hi Laurie, I am so glad you had such a good time and the photos are great. I could use a little beach time right now.

  2. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    such a contrast!
    so cute!
    lovely photos!
    take care,

  3. Love your photos, yes the trip does look yummy. Glad you had a great time ! Good to have ya back !

  4. Can I come next time. It looks so beautiful!!

  5. What beautiful photos, but what a jolt back to reality with the ice storm and no electricity. Welcome home!

  6. It's a good thing you had time to rest on vacation to prepare you for 48 hours without power in that ice storm! Your pictures are so pretty--I can almost feel those warm sea breezes right now! Looking forward to seeing more! Linda

  7. Hi..just hoping there's nothing wrong in your world..noticed you've not posted nor had the YUMS. :)
    Please just let me know when and if you start it back..I want to support your meme. :))
    xo bj

  8. Wow, I am way behind on your blog, but you already know I'm thrilled you and Norm had a chance to escape! Love you!

  9. Hi my friend.

    I have missed you. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. I know you needed a little rest and relaxation time.

    Did you notice that I opened my Etsy shop? I have been so busy doing that, that I haven't checked out my favorite blogs lately. Yours being one of them.

    Take care, Amy