Wednesday, March 30, 2011

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ #5

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ #5
Yum #1 ~ Vintage Restaurant Doors
I found one and am in the middle of a project. 
It will be used in my dining area ~ but not as a door.

YUM #2 ~ Vintage Industrial Chairs
I'm on the hunt for some fun chairs ~ really LOVE these

YUM ~ #3 Fun Garden Sheds
Mr. Norm and I are up to our elbows planning this years gardens
I'm wanting one of these to keep our tools handy.

YUM ~ #4  Fresh from the Farm
Our Gardens are Growing ~ In size that is ~ Still not ready for planting
But we sure are Planning ~ LOVE this time of year!

YUM ~ #5 Pallet Signs
Last spring, to help me organize my garden tools, I gathered up
a couple of old pallets and created a unique storage area.
With a love of worn old farm road signs, I decided to add some
flair to the pallets with the hopes creating some of my worn farm
signs.  I am beyond excited as the snow melts and reveals the results.
New photos coming soon!
Thank you for your prayers for Kylee.  She had a tough round this time.  A long haul in the hospital with many challenges, all met with Grace.  God is Blessing her and hearing all our prayers.  She is home today with her precious little ones ~ Blessings ~ Our Family's #1 YUM



  1. Hey Laurie, so glad Kylie is home ...I think of her every day. I love the little garden shed with the crooked window and the little mailbox in front of the other one is perfect for little love notes!

  2. I am totally and forever in love with your adorable signs. I am on the look for a pallet now. :)))

  3. Ain't for City Girls ~ if I had one of your adorable campers I might just convert it to an ever so adorable Garden Shed ~ I too love the mail box ~ add siding to the shed to match the farm ~ too cute. BJ ~ I look forward to seeing your pallet signs!!

  4. All your Yums are wonderful! Gardening and planning the garden are favorite pastimes of mine...