Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~Au Natural~ Yum Top 5~ #9

One thing I have discovered in blog land is that I love a lot of different styles and colors.
Just look at this kitchen, I must say I love that sink, that light, the brick.
                                                                                      Source: via Laurieat on Pinterest

I am always attracted to the shabby white photos so many of you share.  In our last home
every room was painted a shade of white, hardwood floors, white sofas.  This home we're
changing things up a bit.
                                                                                      Source: via Laurieat on Pinterest

Love the rustic junky flair that others have to offer.

                                                                                      Source: via Laurieat on Pinterest

 The industrial style that makes my heart stop.
                                                                                               Source: via Laurieat on Pinterest

So how does one bring all those styles together in a home that in it's present form totals a whopping 815 square feet. (With enough furnishings, collections, heirlooms and stuff in storage that filled a +2800 square foot home).  Progress at the Farm Reveal Coming Soon.  Until then I have a question for you.
While visiting many of you, I have noticed that many of you are painting your natural pine.

Ooooo, just look at that white!!!  And what about the dark stain accent wall
combined with a wall left natural?  Yes, I love them both.
                                                                                              Source: via Caroline on Pinterest

Did I tell you that the farm house in it's present form is 815 square feet.  To bring in all
my loves, I'd need 81,500 square feet.  It may fit on the property, but I don't think it fits
in the long term plan.   I'll get back to my question.  What do you think of natural pine?

This loft is very similar to our loft at the farm.  Because of roof lines, we do not have the window, but
the peak, the pine, the coziness are all very similar.  We've used natural pine in several spots
Mr. Norm loves the natural.  Not sure I'd want to discover the consequences of painting it white.
He is so good at helping me accomplish just about any look I desire in the farmhouse.  The pine is
one exception. Compromise in a marriage is a good thing.  Even though he just installed that ceiling fan
a year ago, he is willing to move it to another area of the farmhouse, so I can install a fabulous light
 I found.  So excited to see it in its place.
                                                                     Source: via Laurieat on Pinterest

You know as I live with it, I tend to agree with Mr.Norm.  I'm loving the au natural.  When I retreat
 to my loft at night, I LOVE the feeling of warmth, coziness, and comfort it gives me.
 Now to find the perfect bedding.



  1. I love that first photo of the kitchen...all but the fridge.:)

    Altho I have always loved white or creme for walls, the natural pine is pretty in your loft. I probably wouldn't paint it, either. Especially if your hubs loves it. Yep, we do have to compromise. But, I think you will enjoy your loft in the natural...:))

  2. Girl, I can't wait to see more of your beautiful farmhouse as it progresses. I just have a feeling that I am going to fall madly in love.

  3. I cant wait to see more of your farm house either ! So far what I have seen I love it. I am a mixed decore country gal I try to keep to a color sceem but doesnt always work, If I like it I buy it and figure it out later lol ! I.m not a fan of what they call the junky look decore more simple and soft country . Have a great day !

  4. Love the pics! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Do you know what my problem is Laurie? I like it all. Great post!

  6. I feel that exact same way about my loft!

  7. I left our walls and ceiling the natural color but varnished it with four coats of non-gloss clear. Gave a nice depth to the finish as well as made it easier to dust and clean. I think the natural walls helped sell our place. I sure miss it. Love visiting your blog.

  8. I like the natural pine, especially for your house, because it's new and I think it suits you. I have a pine ceiling in our kitchen but it's old and water stained and is begging to be painted. So you see, it depends on the house and those who dwell within it. : )

    Looking forward to seeing more!


  9. The Turner boys love their natural pine! It's so warm and natural, it's an easy compromise to make.