Saturday, April 16, 2011

Storage at the Farm & A failed attempt

We've had some really fun cooking classes at the Winery over the past few weeks.  Making fresh pasta by hand, with Pesto, Alfredo, and Vegetable Primavera.

Baked Pears in Spiced Wine for Dessert.

I love my job!  At the farm, we've also been busy.  The farmhouse in its present state is much smaller than our last home.  Storage and shelving is a must, as I am not ready to part with many of my vintage junky finds and creations.  A quick and easy solution ~ IKEA.  Still in progress.

The space behind the stairs is narrow and if we had started at the floor and stacked them, we would not of been able to access many of the cubbies.  Mr. Norm had the solution.  We are staggering them up the wall.
Building muscles as we go.  With the room being small, I love how having the floor clear around the back of the stairs gives the illusion of a much bigger space.  We are making some custom changes to give these great units a farm flair touch.  Final reveal to come soon.  One touch, I've been working on this morning.  Indecisive with the choices of baskets and files at IKEA during our trip down, I came home with none.  I knew I wanted storage containers, but was not really excited with the appearance of all that I saw.  Solution, I picked up a few at Target, pulled out my paint brush and have been playing this morning.   I am in love with Mustard.  Do you know how hard it is to find storage bins in Mustard, let the painting begin.
Using the piece that is tucked into the bottom of these storage bins, I discover some experiments that are a success and some like this one a failure.   With inspiration from the failed attempt, I am busy painting, painting, painting, to complete the other 10 bins. 

You can always learn from failures, I'm excited with where this experiment took me...



  1. Just found your blog through The DIY Show Off and I love it! I'm your newest follower.

  2. Wow, this is getting really interesting Laurie! LOVE your stairs! And what you've done with the shelving is so darn clever. Can't wait to see where you're taking all this...


  3. Hey my busy friend! Looks like you have got a lot going on, as usual. I love seeing all of your projects.

    Hope you are doing wonderful!

  4. How exciting! Making the project your own is wonderful, isn't it? I must go back and see if I've missed any posts.....have a wonderful weekend. The fresh produce looks amazing!

  5. Lovely stair case and shelves. Cant wait to see your project completed. Your photos are great Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Although projects are demanding and at times difficult, there is nothing like that feeling you get when its done and you love it. Looking forward to the completed project.