Friday, April 8, 2011

~When The Farmer Is Away~

Really want to join in on the fun at Verde Farm, but have a busy schedule.  I'm doing several Fresh From the Garden Cooking Demos at our local Garden Show.  So I'm pulling from the file and linking up an older post.  Look forward to visiting you all later this evening.  Wish me luck, cooking on display is not exactly in my comfort zone.....

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~LT~

With many commitments and not enough time,
we didn't get everything done on the farm.
So nature gave us a helping hand
The lawns we didn't get planted, nature did.
Job well done!
The flower beds that were left neglected
Nature gave us bouquets
and left smiles at every turn
While we were focusing on other tasks
we were being blessed with gifts
some that will be enjoyed in years to come
some to be enjoyed  now!
Some are showy and a little bit tart
For Some~The Sky is the Limit

Some so delicate
Fragile, yet strong
while others hide their gifts
 others dare us to discover theirs...
Signs of progress are revealed
Two by Two
Growth continues
once accomplished...



  1. I'm absolutely loving your blog, I signed up to follow, so many amazing ideas!!
    Found you through FFF.

  2. Oh how I can't wait for the summer vegetable and herb garden!


    PS found you through Rural Revival.

  3. What a gorgeous post and your photos are stunning, especially the beans (?) reaching for the skys...

    Have a wonderful Blessed week

  4. beautiful photo's. We are still in snow, so i am drooling over your production.

  5. Wonderful photos. Have a great day !

  6. Beautiful Laurie! Maybe summer isn't so far away after all.

    Good luck today, but I really don't think you'll need it. : )


  7. What a great post! Your pictures are beautiful.

  8. Hi-- just came over from the Farmgirl Blog hop--
    love the pictures.
    Those bean plants look wonderful-- and just have to say...
    I want some chickens!
    We're busy making plans and saving wood and free-cycling all our makings for a chicken coop.

    have a great Sunday!

  9. Laurie, Beautiful pictures! How wonderful to be to be able to grow your own vegetables. Good luck with the cooking demo.

  10. Looks lovely............our snow is still melting so I have a ways to go until our yard looks like that! Enjoy. Come say hi!!

  11. Great photos..thanks for sharing them.

    I can't figure out just when u put up your Yum linky.
    Mine is up at