Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yum ~ Top 5 ~ #11

YUM ~ #1
scenes from the family golf course

YUM ~ #2
Gift from my sisters

YUM ~ #3
 S'mores by the fire

YUM #4
 Scenes from the family golf course

YUM ~#5
Scenes from the family golf course



  1. Wonderful photos ! Have a great day !

  2. Love these photos. Mr. Sweet would be in hog heaven if he owned a golf course. :)))

    I am adding your button to my sidebar...we gotta spread the word more about your fun Yum meme. :)

    Happy day, bj

  3. Just wanted too say that I myself am new at this blogging stuff and ran across your blog. It amazed me when I read about the dreams you are fulfilling for you and your family because what my husband and I share as a dream for us is so much like the dreams you are sharing! We own 142 acres and my husband has lived on his land for his whole life. The property has been in his family for over 5 generations and over the years its been run down and when my husband inherited the land and we got married we too have been fixing the house and property with the change in our pockets long with the same ideas you share! Thanks for being an inspiration too us!

  4. The anonymous was me for some reason my computer was acting weird, lol!

  5. Great photos, laughed at "my name is Ass,Jack"!!

  6. Love your donkey, Laurie. He looks like he would bring great laughs.

    I love how you have the family golf course set up. What great pieces it looks like you use around it.

    I hope things are going well and that you are having a great summer. I know you are a busy lady.

    My love from Tennessee, Amy