Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh, How I've Missed You!

Edited to add photos ~ 9/16/11

It has been a busy, busy summer. I'm so ready for the fall and a bit of a slow down. I have so much to share with you and want so much to catch up with you all. I'm sure I'll be days visiting and discovering all the treats you've had to share over the last couple of months. Hope you all had a fabulous summer!

I've had such a blast this summer. Had the opportunity to take part in several weddings where I was able to work with some super creative DIY'ers. Have tons to share! This is one where I was the wedding planner/caterer along with my sisters/partners of our Course ~ Lakeview.
The wedding of Lee and Jessi-Sue.  I can not tell you how much I came to LOVE this family.  The wedding was in the families apple orchard and Jessi's style was so much fun to work with.  When access to a tent to hide Jessi and her wedding party in the orchard fell through,  went to work creating the wall of apple bins ~ how cool is that!  I'm hoping to get some photos from the photographer, as I was busy during the wedding itself, with all the details of the day.  You wait till you see the beautiful bride and groom in this setting ~ WOW!
It was so much fun for me to not only be creative with the wedding planning,
 but also with the food presentation. The bride works part time at the local auction hall,
she and her mom spent an entire year purchasing tables and chairs for the big day.
No uncomfortable folding chairs at this reception.  The guests were wowed walking into this tent. 
Apple bins as buffet tables, $1 old pictures painted with blackboard paint and used as menu boards,
And oh, the year long collecting of cookie jars to be used as centerpieces...
A perfect example of how this couple's personality was reflected in every detail of this lovingly fun filled day of celebrations! In an upcoming post I'm going to share the DVD of their Wedding Vow Rap ~ so much fun!

 Apple bin ~ outdoor sink!

Will be stopping by to visit you all and will be back with more weddings, movie nights, farm updates and much much more.  A lot has happened in a few short months!  LOVE you all!

Adding a few photos from the brides facebook page.  I know the photo quality is not the same coming from facebook ~ but thought that you must see some of these...  AJM Photography



  1. Looks like you were busy, but what a way to pass the time...beautiful wedding! - Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back, beautiful photos . What a lovely place to have a wedding glad you had a good summer! Have a great day !

  3. Love the use of the Crates- Darling Space-
    Love the tent too.

  4. I was hoping all was well. Now I see how busy you were this summer. This wedding looks like it was a blast. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Simple, Lovely and so Personal. Enjoyed the pictures!

  6. Hey friend! Love those crates that were used. The cake is awesomely fun looking! I know you had a blast doing all you did this summer.

    I am so happy to see you today.

  7. What a sweet wedding, I love all the little details they went to, to make it so special!

    Looking forward to more. : )


  8. I've missed you! Eagerly awaiting more!

  9. Just seeing the pictures put me in a happy, smiley mood! It all looks like so much fun! I noticed the tables and chairs right away and was curious, before I read how they were acquired, how a family would have so many different types of tables!

  10. Oh... welcome back! I can't wait to read more!