Friday, September 23, 2011

Pallet Love

Just look at all the Pallet Love we can now find all over blog land and on Pinterest.  There are some seriously clever ways to re-purpose a used pallet.
                                                                         Source: via Laurieat on Pinterest

 To see some inspirations for future projects at the farm, check out my Pallet Board.  With construction still under way at the farm,  I've had to resort to function as well as fashion. Many of you have seen some of the Farm's Creations, for those of you that have not.
The Garden Pallet ~ used to Keep Garden Tools Close at Hand

Nature is doing a great job providing a wonderful weathered appearance
When the farmhouse was finally ready for a table ~ Mr. Norm went to work.  
Original post can be found here.
Yup, my incredibly gorgeous farm table made from pallets that were going to be throw away.
Mr. Norm rescued four solid mahogany shipping pallets that were destined for the dumpster.

Only one was used in constructing the table.  My girls keep dropping rather large hints that they know exactly how at least two of the remaining ones can be put to use.
  While we're on the subject of my girls.  There is another project where pallets were put to use on the farm.  One that when their "OLD" parents first constructed it, my girls were pretty much mortified.
 Can you guess what it is?  Let me change the focus. 
Does that help? 
Yup, our "temporary" outdoor shower!
Their reaction made Mr. Norm and I laugh.  While they were under our guidance and protection, they were pretty much sheltered.  Now that they are married and wonderful young women, they are seeing a side of their parents, that sometimes shocks them.  Can I tell you, that it is quite fun to do!
 Our love for our "temporary" outdoor shower has evolved into another project on the farm.
A slab has been poured, all the connections for Hot and Cold Water, along with waste water disposal have been made.  

 And a pallet or two has been saved to put to use in our new permanent outdoor shower.
 They still claim that we are suffering from a major dose of midlife crisis'.  I claim, we should of taken this leap  years ago.  You can read how we sold our beautiful home, trekked out in the middle of 128 acres  here and here. No water, no electricity, just two "OLD" folks in a camper with all their belongings packed into a storage locker,  looking for a simpler life.  Every morning when I venture out to take my shower, I Thank the Good Lord that we found it!  

btw... I'm still enjoying my 40's, wonder what adventures we'll be enjoying when I enter my 50's.  My girls may not be able to handle it!
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  1. That's a great story!! I am a new follower..come check out my blog if you get a chance!

  2. Absolutely F.U.N.
    I was so glad to see you posting again. I LOVE coming over here to the farm. I'd get strip-stark naked and take an outdoor shower in a New York Minute if I had this.:)) (believe me, at 73, it would NOT BE A PRETTY SIGHT.:)

    I would love to have some pallets..just don't know where to get them...?

  3. Darlin'... you are braver than I! That shower is the coolest thing but gaahhh.... where's the walls?!? LOL

    In love with your tool storage too! Awesome post!

    Shared this on FJI Facebook for SNS 100.


  4. That table is absolutely beautiful. I had no idea pallets could have been made from mahogany. Wow...gorgeous. love the outdoor shower too. Lucky you:)

  5. Your yard looks like such a beautiful place! Love your pallets!

  6. How fun to have an outdoor shower and the privacy like you have! Ha! Isn't fun to mortify the children?!! : )

    I seriously love the pallet fence around the herb garden. It is simply divine!!!

  7. I need shower walls!! I wish I didn't but I really do. Loved this post!!

  8. I find the older I get the more I have the attitude if someone else doesn't like what I do, they can kiss my donkey, i don't care. Life is too short to worry about anybody else's hang-ups, live and enjoy because once you are gone, ain't no coming back.

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  11. Hey my long lost friend!! How are you? I miss you being around.

    I LOVE this outdoor shower. That is probably the best thing I have seen on any blog anywhere. How did I miss this post?

    Hope you are doing great.

    God bless, Amy

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    Fascinating views on that! very informative, Great looking site you have here and great post too.
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  13. I miss you, Laurie. Hope you are well and will return sometime.

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