Chilly Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

 I love reading cookbooks
I find the old ones to be so much fun
Spent some time reading as...

It is sooooo cold......

Look at the warmth that yeast is creating ~ Amazing!
Can feel the HEAT

Did a little bit of baking early this am to bring some warmth to the kitchen of the farm house.

Can not believe that all my loaf pans are still in storage
Because I've made several wedding cakes ~ my cake pans are here at the farm 
They'll work.

Not a low fat bread.  Yes, that is butter.
Busy creating the best crispy crust to this delish beer bread.

A treat for a cold and windy day.

Headed into work..

If you're in the North, hope you stay warm.
Those of you lucky ones in the south,
I'll be joining you soon...

Be sure to join us for YUM - Top 5 # wk 3
Each Wednesday share any top 5 that puts a smile in your heart



  1. That break looks amazing. I could eat an entire loaf right now all by myself. Yum!

  2. Gotta love that beer/butter bread. I am crazy for the smell of beer bread baking. I have only ever made it from a package though. Yours look delish!!

  3. You are absolutely KILLING me with your jars, love! I have a slight obsession with jars of all sorts. And that baking of yours...bring some with you when you make your southern journey. It looks fantastic!

  4. Absolutely loving your bread! What's taking you so long to get here? :)

  5. That definitely qualifies as a top YUM 5...please post the recipe! is why I don't go on the raw food diet..I would never make it!

  6. Your bread is beautiful! Baking is one of my favorite pastimes!

  7. O, little Laurie...this is making my mouth drool all over. I love love love beer bread...and I also totally LOVE your amazing photos.
    Isn't all this just so much fun!!! I love good cookin', good photos...good decorating...just love it all.
    See ya in a bit for YUMS..:))

  8. Laurie, The bread looks fabulous and I can only imagine how good your kitchen smelled! Love your jars.

  9. Gotta leave for awhile. I'll try to catch Mr. Linky later or in the morning. :))

  10. Oh, darn. I think I just gained a pound! The bread and the jam put me over the top!


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