Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Acres is the place I wanna be...

"Farm living is the life for me. Land spreading out, so far and wide.  Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside....
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On Sunday, I shared with you the wonderful trip to Bar Harbor I had with My Miss Sarah.  In route, I received a phone call from my niece Michaela. 

Mic:  Mom wanted me to call and see what time you were coming down.
Me:  I didn't plan to, I'm in Bar Harbor with Miss Sarah.
Mic: Ok 
Me: Can I speak to her?
Mic:  You know how she is, when she gets crazy.  She ran in here, told me to call and got weird and ran out.
Me: Ok, any idea what she wanted.  
Mic: Nope, she just asked me to call.
Me:  Ok, have her call me.

Let me give you some back ground.  During this conversation, Mic is working in the clubhouse on our parents golf course that myself and my sisters Tammy and Susie went into partnership with.  I knew they were there working.  So, I start asking myself I wonder what's going on.  Is there a problem.  Should I be there?  

Susie, calls and talks to me about gardens.  Well everything must be OK so I enjoy my day with my daughter.

On Monday, I went down so we could work on our up coming Grand Opening.  This is where the story breaks away and I am going to share with you what my sisters were up to while I was in Bar Harbor..

Both Susie and Tammy live in the next town over from the golf course.  The route home takes them by one of Mid-Maine's hidden treasures.  Houston Brooks Auction Barn!  On one of Tammy's trips between the golf course and home, she spotted it.  My sisters caper begins.
Enlisting this man to help
Meet Stephen, Tammy's husband.
Stephen's position within our new partnership is the $$$ guy.  Known to be frugal.  He was tested by my dear sweet sisters.  I have yet to get the whole story but I will share with you what I know and update you as I discover the full scope of this caper.  This is what I do know.  When Mr. Norm and I celebrated our 25th, my sweet sisters announced they were adding to the Turner Farm.  They were buying us a Donkey.  I was thrilled, but heart broken at the same time.  With the new commitment of the course, the 200 mile round trip to get there and back, along with all the other things we had on our plate, we did not have the time required to bring one home.  We had to decline their incredible gift.  This occurred in March.  Do you know how much has happened since March? Enough stuff has happened for me not to be thinking about a donkey coming to the farm.

As fate would have it on one of Tammy's trips home she spotted the perfect gift for us and this is where I'm assuming, went right to work calling Susie and then laying the ground work with Stephen.  This is some of the conversation I do know.

Tammy:  Stephen, will you please go to the auction?
Stephen:  you want me to be up and there by 5:30am on Sunday for a Donkey?
Tammy:  Please
Stephen:  seriously a donkey? That much on a donkey? Tammy!
Tammy: Please

The auction house had the donkey set up with a cart and ready to go.  The day of the auction Tammy gets a call.  
Stephen: The cart went for $150.00.  (I bet he was about to pass out)
Tammy:  Please Stephen.
Stephen:  Alright but I'm not getting the cart

Susie:  Glen will you build a cart.  We can put flowers in it.
Glen:  Norm can build a cart a lot better than I can. (wow your good Glen)

Going through 3 sets of 4 different guys helping him load it and 2 of them riding with his newest purchase in the back of the pickup down to the course, Stephen delivers it to the golf course.  Tammy and Susie go to work finding accessories for the newest addition to the Turner Farm.  Tammy has Mic call me to verify my whereabouts.  I don't show up until the next day.  Keeping Tammy and Susie anxiously awaiting to present their gift to The Turner Farm.
Donkey is coming home!

Isn't she perfect?  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Now to get her home.  From what I hear, she weights "at least a thousand pounds".
I'm hoping to have her home before the new babies arrive.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bar Harbor with My Miss Sarah

Today was a day dedicated to my Miss Sarah.   A mom and daughter day, doing whatever we wanted to do. Stopping where ever we wanted to stop. Miss Sarah decided that she would like to take a day trip to Bar Harbor.   For the past few years we've traveled through Ellsworth to Bar Harbor, usually passing by some pretty interesting spots to reach our destination.  Today, we stopped!  At each and every point of interest.  What a BLAST and what a find!  This little shop has intrigued us more than once.
But usually a schedule would dictate our driving right on by.  Oh, what we had been missing!  Look at these lovelies!  WE fell in love at first sight.  

I wish I had gotten pictures of inside the shop.  Miss Sarah kept elbowing me, saying "Mom Look".  It is a gem of a shop.  Natural pine walls, large exposed beams and personality! Oh, the personality! 
We were even chatting about their garbage cans.  Oh so cute!  Sorry, didn't get pictures, I was stumbling over myself to take everything in.  We locals were looking a lot like them  out-of-state tourists! 

Do you want to know the embarrassing part?   I don't even know the name of the shop!  Can you believe it!  Do you ever do that?  Go into a shop and never know the name.   I've been googling different phrases to see if I could find it.  No luck!

Miss Sarah asked permission for us to take some photos.  It's only right that we credit this wonderful little gem. Right?  So I think the only solution is going to be ANOTHER TRIP!

Make it a Fabulous Day


Friday, June 25, 2010

A few things needed at the farm

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I have been stalking all the old farms on the roads between home and my parents homestead.  Dreaming of finding that old truck and tractor.  A little rusty with LOTS of stories to tell.  After 25 years of traveling the same roads, we've been taking some detours.  On one recent detour, I found the ford tractor and my heart skipped a beat.  By the time I got Mr. Norm to come take a look, it had SOLD!  It was exactly like the tractor my grandfather spent many hours mowing fairways.  The memories came flooding back.  That tractor was a work horse.  

I'll keep looking.  In the mean time, Mr. Norm surprised me.  We have babies coming to the farm.  LOTS of babies.  Pictures will be posted on the day of their homecoming.  

Make it a FABULOUS Day!  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day Dreaming...

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I'm backAfter a very busy spring with the farm, winery, golf course, and family.  I think I've finally found a semi-routine that works for me and allows for some down time.  We'll see how long it shall last.  I have been slowly catching up.  Visiting many of you and discovering all the adventures spring has offered you.  WOW, you all are amazing! For those of you that I've yet had time to sit and visit.  I will be!  Very soon!  I've missed you.  I have lots to share and see that you all have been sharing LOTS of great ideas.  It has been a very productive spring.  I have had time to day dream a bit.  While logging +/- 1400 miles a week.  All within a 90 mile radius of home.  Dreaming of the day that the farmhouse is complete and I'm able to focus on all the fun DIY projects I have twirling around in my brain.  What fun decorating is going to be.  Seeing all your projects has inspired me beyond belief!  THANK YOU ALL!  You are a blessing in my life.  Your imaginations and creativity are amazing.  From your gardens, your kitchens, your families, your DIY projects, you inspire me.   Have a BLESSED Day!  And Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there!