Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Rose Napkin Fold as Featured on SYTYCD


Start by laying the napkin flat.  I laid them out
on my vintage ironing board,pressing them at each step.

Bring the 4 points at each corner to meet in the center.


Holding the center firmly, flip over and again bring
the 4 corners to the middle.

At the point, carefully pull corners from 
underneath to create the rose.  Can also pull the 
first layer of corners out to create tips.

A simple addition to compliment your elegant or
rustic table setting.

Enjoy with Friends and Family.

Next post to feature LAYERING YOUR TABLE.

Layering your table linens is one way to make
your table stand out.

Be sure to visit the beautiful ladies at SYTYCD
and vote for your favorite two.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Luncheon with the SYTYCD Cast

Fabric: The structure of anything; the manner in which the parts of a thing are united; workmanship, texture, make, as cloth of a beautiful fabric. - brainy quotes
The Turner Farm invites you to a  Luncheon for the 10 Ladies and our Host of SYTYCD.

As a chef, it is my job in the back of the house (the kitchen) to ensure that the meals I prepare are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.  In many dishes, it is the layering of the flavors, as well as, the layering of the plate, that will send a dish over the top. My favorite fall back dishes are those that comfort me with a welcome home flavor and are plated country style  
Touches to the front of the house (dining room where guests will be served), are viewed in a similar manner.

Start with the finest ingredients.

Add layers of flavor

Use the recipe as a guideline. Always make it your own!

Add hints of the unexpected

Enjoy with Good Friends

Click on by The Turner Farm or for some of the back of the house scenes. 


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Play Day?? - 2 days and counting

Today, I have an entire day to spend at home.  A Play Day!  Yes, I have laundry. Yes, I have the usual housework.  I laughed when I typed that.  Living in a home that is under construction, housework is anything but usual.  I guess it has now become normal to me.  What can I say, I'm living in part my dream home, part totally out of control workshop.  

I have big plans for today.  Went into the winery yesterday for a couple of wedding planning meetings  While there, the owner of the winery and the new brewery, had something waiting for me.  He had made a batch of stout and over the weekend pulled out some of the spent grains.


The aroma is incredible.  Plans to play with it today.  Bread, rolls, muffins, I'm excited to experiment.  A play day in the kitchen!

I also have plans to work on a project.
Burlap in Colors
unknown source

I have big plans for today.  My mind does anyway.  My body, has other ideas.  I've been telling Mr. Norm that we need a new mattress and new pillows.  I'm not sleeping and having some neck and shoulder pains.
Now it's progressing and I woke up yesterday with a swollen area on my head behind the top of my ear.    Now I'm looking like this

unknown source
 Not sure what is.  It's making me mad.  It is taking me away from my play time and I don't like it!  I started this post early this morning.  It is now 5pm and I have yet to accomplish any of my play day plans.  Spent the day in bed.  Don't remember the last time I felt this bad. What ever it is must be effecting my tear ducts too.  I don't cry much.  Oh, I tear up when I laugh or when I'm moved by something.  But an all out uncontrollable cry, not in a long time.  Well this morning I woke myself with hyperventilating cries.  What the heck!  It was none stop until 1pm.  I finally feel asleep and was so relieved  when I woke, the tears had subsided.  I really makes me mad when I'm sick.  It's such a waste of valuable time and I don't like admitting that I probably have to go see a doctor.  

Update:  Saw the doctor last night.  The good news, I slept sound with all the drugs she gave me.  Not so good news, I have a double ear infection.  My lymph nodes are infected, unrelated to the ear infection.  And she believes that I have ruptured a disc in my neck!  

Today is a better day!
Springtime Flowers

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Check out this giveaway!!

I'm headed into the kitchen to do some experimenting with new recipes this morning.  Did a little blog visiting before I head out for the day and  was introduced to a wonderful blog from Amy at All Things Home

Go visit Faded Prairie and see the fun and funky giveaway she has on her blog.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lakeview - A Family Tradition - A Warm Welcome

It has been a busy, busy week.  An exciting, emotional, stressful, painful - working muscles I forgot I had, rewarding, and did I say busy week.  Over the last few weeks, I have posted several times about work days at Mom and Dad's.  My parents own The Reynolds Family Homestead and Golf Course.  We opened this weekend and it was announced to our members that My Sisters Susie, Tammy and Myself, along with our husbands are now partners in ownership of Lakeview Golf Course.
This Charming Field Stone building is the Club House.
Here is a view from the back side of the Club House.
Day Before Opening Day
Sister Tammy and her Hubby Steve.
Working on rebuilding the sand trap on the first green.
Smile there are only 5 to go!
Sisters Susie and Tammy putting the ball markers out for the season.
I can not believe that on March 20th, there is no snow and we are open.

Susie taking another load of leaves and pine needles.  
Her Hubby Glen, is a raking machine.  I think he's raked the
entire Golf Course twice.  I don't know if I've ever moved
that many leaves and pine needles.

Opening Day
Started with a Frost
Turned into a gorgeous day that..
Ended with this.

A Warm White Welcome....SYTYCD

This weeks SYTYCD assignment is White.  With our old home this would of been an easy assignment.  With The Turner Farm House, not so much.   With the rooms that are near completion, I could not find one area where white would work.  Could we wire, hang sheet rock, mud, sand, paint, and lay the flooring in time for this entry to be submitted.  Mr. Norm didn't think so.  So what to do? 

If you have been following my blog, you know that we have been spending a lot of time at my mom and dad's helping them prepare for the opening of the course.  Ahhh... White!    With the weather as nice as it is, we are ahead of schedule for opening.  One month ahead of schedule!  The earliest opening since 1981. 

The Challenge:  To create a warm welcome to old and new friends.  This is a challenge, as we are busy racking, mowing, cleaning debris, stocking, scheduling, and preparing for opening after a long winter. 

The Club House was constructed in 1927 from the stones that
once lined the Reynolds Farm.  The Chairs although not that
old, sure looked it.

The Solution: The wonders of spray paint and accessories. I have always loved this building.  Inside there
is a large field stone fireplace and exposed logs on the ceiling.  

My sister had thrown what was a red broken star away.
Yes, I went dumpster diving.

There was still so much this star had to offer.

A Warm White Welcome
Come sit and enjoy watching new friends play
 a round of golf.

Hope you enjoyed your visit with the Reynolds Family.
For more updates with the progress of getting the course open visit
and be sure to visit all the beautiful ladies at


Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is your dream?

My sister Susie has been working on a website for our family's golf course.  Sharing a small fraction of the family history.  She has shared that our homestead was first settled in 1754. Many great granddads ago!  It operated as a farm for generations of our family.  Then in 1927 our grandfather had a dream.  He designed and constructed a golf course.  My dad has spent his entire life working that course.  He shared with us recently that he has spent 65 years mowing greens.  Can you imagine, 65 years of mowing!   Dad has a beloved tractor, one that was the work horse for many, many years.  Unfortunately, the tractor met some hard times and dad had been unable to use it.  Last fall, the men of the family started getting together to rebuild this tractor.  The day of our surprise 25th, Was a happy day! 
Dad on his tractor!
The way life should be!
All the men involved in rebuilding the tractor.
Dad is a humble man, a worker, a DIYer.
Not one for many words when there is job to do.
You can not imagine the overwhelming emotions
each and every one of us felt, 
when he displayed his excitement with having his tractor back!
Imagine my delight when he gave me a tractor seat from
 an old iron tractor that once worked the farm.
I had been teasing my parents and my sisters that I was
 going to take the grill from that tractor or this one.
Or these parts
I have a dream. 
The problem: my parents and my sisters won't let me
 get to these parts to create my dream, hmmmm...
The solution:  Discover their dream and negotiate.
Wonder if it would work?

You've all met Miss Susie.  Every one calls her
Aunt Susie or Auntie.
I know her dream.  I think you know it too.
I want to drive this truck.  I don't dare!  They may
just find me in the lake if Miss Susie found out.
Miss Susie painted in a nice Farm Style Script,
a few flames added.Very fitting for Miss Susie
and her driving. No power steering!
Not sure, I may have to sign in blood that I promise
NEVER to drive it. That might seal the deal.

Miss Tammy
Her dream is to own a jeep. 
 My dad would not allow it when she was younger. 
Her hubby is not so keen on the idea today.
She has had this dream for many years.
When we were younger, Dad had a Willeys Jeep.
Shhh...don't tell her. 
 Every work day when they think I'm looking
for goodies for myself.  I've been stalking parts and pieces
trying to find remnants of that jeep that dad once owned to create
a jeep for Miss Tammy.  Negotiations!

Miss Debbie
Miss Debbie and her husband Joe, had a major life event that hit their family about a year ago. They have dedicated their life to educating themselves and any and all who will listen about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Miss Debbie has so much passion on this subject.  It has moved me to make changes in my life and how I feed my body.  I am thrilled that they both have recently started blogging about their journey. 
Miss Debbie can be found at Rawsome Nana.  I know, don't you just love that name. Joe can be found at Walking along with Natural Joe

 Welcome these two new blogs.  They are in this for life and the life of their precious family! No Negotiation!

I've shared a few of my dreams and a few ways I may be able to make them come true. What about you?  What is your dream today?  I'd love to hear it.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Here are a few of the pictures from the creation of my PB Pot Rack.  I will be doing a full tutorial. Today I'm on the road, to discover the inspiration for my next project for SYTYCD. I had big plans to always be a week ahead.  Silly me!  I should know by now that I thrive under pressure!  Right?!?
The hanging mason jar candles we made for Miss Kristin's Wedding,
We made dozens of them.  Having fun finding just the right spots for them.
Enjoy your day!