Sunday, September 26, 2010

We're headed to the City

Mr. Norm and I are taking a much needed break.  The newlyweds are coming to the farm to tend to all the critters and watch over the farm.  We're putting all the projects aside for a few days and we're Boston Bound!

Be back in a few...


Thursday, September 23, 2010

~Wood you mind~

I'm spotting a trend in my kitchen.
I've been doing some fall cleaning
and churning things up a bit
have some plans 
All of your fall projects have inspired me.
I think the Turner Farm is in need of some fall touches of its own.
Headed to town to pick up a few supplies...


Monday, September 20, 2010


A Day of Rest
We have been so busy coming and going
 we hadn't noticed just how high the grass had gotten.
On my to-do list ~ harvest carrots.
We probably should of done it yesterday. 
 We hadn't been home for any length of time in months.
 When Mr. Norm suggested a walk,
what could I say?
Our 12o acres boarders a 1500 acre parcel
there is so much to discover
lots of ponds


I brought along my new camera, I'm still learning.
I wish I could of captured the family of beavers
working hard preparing for winter. 
I could relate
The long hours over the summer had started to take their toll
It still amazes me what a walk with nature will do for one's soul. 
God has blessed us.
I slept soundly last night.  The first night in months.
Woke refreshed and energized.
Watched the sunrise from the hot tub 
and soaked in more of nature's beauty.
Today I am home.
I will be catching up on chores that have been neglected.
Harvesting the gardens
and I hope to finally work on this
While I work I will be Thanking God 
for all the blessings he has given our family.
  As a family we were in despair after Kylee's 
visit with her doctor last week. 
 In a firm and direct manner he told her "You are dying".
Two days later, God revealed to her and all of us who is really in control.

Read Kylee's touching story.

GodSaves~Keepin' On


Monday, September 13, 2010

A Beautiful Day for a Wedding

Miss Sarah painted the signs

My sisters endured a punctured eye and poison ivy, and
my nieces were stopped 3 times by different law officers gathering the bouquets that were displayed in sap buckets
The Sun arrived as Hurricane Earl left. 
My mom and my niece's husband decorated the arbor
My mom made her bouquet.   Birch Bark for Ribbons

 Miss Kristin and Sarah made the girls bouquets
Blessings from God

For the Wine and Ale ~ Gary and Sarah made
Sarah made all the burlap table runners and they made all the boxes for the wheat grass they grew for the table-settings
Norm cut the birch logs.  The family gathered one night and made all the centerpieces. Gary spent 6 months gathering antique Christmas lights to be used for the lighting. Norm used his engineering degree to hang them to grant Sarah's wishes

S'More Love ~ S'mores for Everyone ~ What Fun!
Made with Love by Grammie T., Gary, Sarah, Aunt Sue, Christine and  many helping hands

The Celebration of the Marriage of 
Sarah Turner
Gary Craig Jr.
September 5, 2010

photography by the talented Miss Amy Greene
and my amazing sister Tammy George

Coming soon, behind the scene photos of the production of this wedding and all that the families did to make Sarah and Gary's Day a Spectacular One!