Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kitchen Accessories - My Kind of Accessory!

This is my entry for week one of SYTYCD.  The Project submission was to be Accessories.  When I told Mr. Norm about it, his comment was "Well sheetrock is an accessory for us right now".   Haha, there is more than some truth to that statement.
We are making progress and it is getting exciting to see our little farm house come together.  This project fast forwarded one of my goals of organizing some of the treasures that have been accumulating.  Now to create a spot for the rest of them.
Any one who knows me, knows two things:  I love to cook and I love kitchen gadgets. Particularly vintage gadgets and rolling pins.  I have totes and totes of both in storage from the move.  Packed away 3 years now, I know the cruelty! As my kitchen gets closer to completion, family and friends have been busy spring cleaning their kitchens, passing their junk on to me.  YEAH!
My kitchen is still in construction mode.  I have yet to decide on the counter top.
Along with all the wonderful accessories shown in this photo, I was able to get a few
larger old chippy window frames while helping my dad clean his many work areas.
My goal was to create a wall collage using a couple different sizes of the window frames to display my collection of kitchen gadgets.  See that unfinished white box switch?
It goes to my commercial fans and prevents me from using one of my favorite window frames.  Fear not, I will put it to use elsewhere.  This is what I found to use in it's place.
Isn't is beautiful?  NOT!  Determined to stay with in the budget of $0.00 spent on this project, I sacrificed this lovely by popping the picture out of the frame, turned it over, painted the back of the picture with the same paint that I used on my kitchen door and cut out a spot for the white box fan switch.   I know, I'd love to paint the white box or cover it, but my goal is to obtain a commercial license and the state has some real funky laws about what I can and cannot do. 

As a professional chef, I like stainless steel. I know, many say it's on it's way out.
Not in the commercial kitchen. The kitchen in the home we sold was white on white.
With this kitchen, I knew I wanted the benefits and appearance of stainless paired with the warmth of natural stone and wood tones. I was ready for a change. In the planning of this project, Miss Sarah spied stainless peg board and immediately called me.
Be Still My Heart! It was designed with the mechanic in mind, I wanted it in my kitchen.
Until I priced it. With much of the farm house still under construction, I was not willing to spend $$. Guess what Mr. Norm happen to have on hand. Valspar Stainless. 
I think even the best mechanic would be hard pressed to determine that my spray painted peg board was not the real deal.  I inserted it in to a window frame from the family farm, I then added the hand forged handle to add dimension and texture.
I still have 5 feet above to accessorize with all the beauties waiting to arrive from their vacation in the storage unit. 
Go check out all the amazing creations that some truly remarkable ladies have come up with. 


Thursday, February 25, 2010

TAPAS - Many Small Tidbits on One's Plate

Last night was our Tapas Cooking Class at the Winery.  10 wonderful people, joining together to prepare 10 tasty items, to be enjoyed with a sampling of wine and ale.
It was a fun and creative evening. 
It has been a busy, busy week.  I've been going in a lot of different directions.
I think I've passed myself on the interstate on more than one occasion.
Spending the day working on the years calendar of cooking classes and menus.
Whole new meaning to menu planning in advance!

I am thankful that we were all created with inner thoughts. Can you imagine being able to see inner thoughts? You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

I am also trying to finish up on the first project for
Along with being thankful that you can not see my inner thoughts.
I am THANKFUL that you can not see my house. Not today anyway. My under construction, sawdust, sheetrock, and power tool decorated house. I work every day on loving unconditionally, I love my house, I really do.  It's just, well if, well, I guess I'll leave it at that. 

Tapas - Many Tidbits on One's Plate.

When my brain can not absorb the planning of the cooking school calendar, I allow it to become distracted with some of these:

Treasures given to me since the move.  Oh! the ones waiting to be
revealed from the storage unit.  One day my house will be done and I WILL be able to unpack.

Be sure to tune in Sunday night.  10 Decorators, 10 weeks, great fun.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is It Spring? The Birdies Arrived Today!

Look what arrived in Maine today:
Not only the cutest little traveling tweet.
With the cutest little tag that reads:  Will This Fly.
Look at the cute little spring bird he brought with him!
Aren't they just the cutest!
I was so overwhelmed that not only did Denise send me
the Spring Tweet to join the Traveling Tweet,
look what else she did!
Tennessee! for Denise
Vancouver! for Donna
Maine! for me
How cute is that!
Denise of Living Life Creatively created these delightful little birds.
With a busy busy life, she still took the time to send some spring to the North Woods of Maine.   Denise offered one of these as a give away at one of Donnas SNS over at Funky Junk Interiors.  I won and I am thrilled.  THANK YOU DENISE!

Be sure to check out Denise's wonderful blog.

 title decoration

edited to add photos

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's our 25th and I'm going to be in Hot Water!

Mr. Norm and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary today.   
All our wedding pictures are in storage.

Mr. Norm is a wonderful Dad.
A patient, loving man.

A talented and funny man. 

 I love that he has taught me to laugh.
Yes, I said yes to this man.

We started dating almost 31 years ago.  He was a golfer at my parents course.
I was working in the clubhouse.  He sliced a ball that came through the clubhouse window and landed on the grill where I was cooking hamburgers.  I had thought he was a cutie all summer long.   I placed the golf ball in a hamburger bun and said
"here's your hamburger, sir" 
Yes, I called him "sir".  He is 8 years my senior. 
He asked my dad if he could take me out, he had to pay for the broken window
before I could go

We have two beautiful daughters.
They came up over the weekend, with their boys, to give us a gift.

Mr. Norm and I will be planning and building our new deck this weekend.
Wish I had gotten a video of the happy dance he did in the kitchen when
the kids told him what they had done for us.

 Exciting news on Valentines Day.
Miss Sarah is getting married.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Tidbits from work

 Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.  We had our Valentine Wine Dinner Saturday night at the winery.   Chef Robert was the chef for this dinner, I stepped in as Sous. 
Wine Dinner Menu
Amuse bouche - Brie, Crab, and Red Pepper Coulis on a Crostini with Ground Hazelnut. Served with Winterport Winery's Cracking Cranberry.

Soup - Roast Garlic Bisque with a Raft of Wild Mushrooms. Served with Winterport Winery's Apple Wine.

Salad - Mixed Greens with Sun Dried Cranberries, Montrachet, and Walnuts with a Raspberry Vanilla Bean Vinaigrette. Served with Winterport Winery's Spring Fever.

Entrée - Pork Braciole with Winter Squash and Red Potatoes. Served with Winterport Winery's Blueberry Dry.

Dessert - Chocolate Hazelnut Torte with Chocolate, Hazelnut, and White Chocolate Ganache served with Raspberry Cream. Served with Winterport Winery's Flying Dutchman

 We were SOLD OUT.  The evening was a blast.  It is such a delight as a chef to work in this open kitchen and be able to witness our diners delight as they experience our culinary creations.

My Work Kitchen
This photo was taken at a family reunion cooking class held last fall.  20 students in the class.  40 family members for the meal.  So much fun!

It was a busy, busy weekend.  With many surprises.  WE are thrilled.  Will share with you all tomorrow. 


Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh Me, Oh My, The Turner Farm has been asked to...

Where have I been?  Just a few short weeks ago, I discovered a whole new world. BLOGGING.  How thrilled I am to find so many beautiful ladies with the same love of old, rusty junk.  One of the first blogs that I found was Alchemy Junk. Wow, what a great blog, I love the style of this gal.  Stephanie, has developed a fun, unique idea and has asked that Welcome to the Turner Farm blog be involved. 

I love, love, love the idea.

 I was excited beyond belief with the concept.  Nervous beyond belief to be asked to participate.  My initial response was, how can I?  We are in the process of building, there are many parts of the farmhouse still in the beginning stages of construction, far from the stage of decorating.  
 Guess what? 

 I am a participant and I am thrilled.  

 I gave myself a good chatting to and realized that my love of junk and finding gals with that same love was far more thrilling than the fact that our farmhouse is a work in process.  What an oppurtunity this is for participants and voters alike. To have the inspiration and creations of all these beautiful junking gals in one spot for 10 weeks.  BE STILL MY HEART.  Starting February 28, tune in every week to view the incredible creations of my fellow participants:

Fix your self a cup a tea and curl up in your favorite chair, stop in and say Hi to these beautiful, creative ladies.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Heart Has Been Touched

This morning, as I do many mornings, I started my day with a cup of coffee, sat down to the computer and enjoyed my quiet time catching up on some of my favorite blogs.

I have been busy the past few days. Some big events are coming up at the winery. It has been a treat to have a nice relaxed day. Today, I didn't have to go anywhere. So, I have taken some extra time to visit.

I even got to enjoy an extra cup of tea.

A birthday gift from Miss Sarah

I have a confession. I'm not sure why, I am just not excited about Valentines Day.

I appreciate the creativity many share. I recognize and appreciate the talent.  I do not remember if I have ever celebrated Valentines Day. Maybe when my girls were home. I'd have to ask.  It's not that I dislike the notion behind the day.  It's more that I try to share with my love ones on a daily basis.  I devour relationship books.  My belief is that I have as much responsibility now to my daughters, as I did when they were younger.    How are young couples to know how to build a relationship, if they do not have role models in their lives.  I want to be my girls and their boys role model in developing a strong and lasting relationship.  It is not an easy journey.  It takes work, something I remind them of as often as I can. 

  I am currently re-reading


I will be passing them on to my girls once I have finished with my copies.  It does my heart good when they share with me that the boys have also read the books I have shared.

I do have one Valentine themed item.

I liked the tin.

I had planned on making candies and filling it as a gift for one of my nieces.
I ran out of time. So it sits on an unfinished shelf in my almost finished kitchen.

This morning, my heart was touched. The tears started and they were beyond control.  Bella Della Farm shared with us her wonderful creation. A beautiful heart and she  introduced me to  Dear Daisy Cottage. Gather up your tissues, make yourself a cup a tea and drop in for a visit .  I think I'll be making a few hearts.

 A heart tugging story.