Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's our 25th and I'm going to be in Hot Water!

Mr. Norm and I celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary today.   
All our wedding pictures are in storage.

Mr. Norm is a wonderful Dad.
A patient, loving man.

A talented and funny man. 

 I love that he has taught me to laugh.
Yes, I said yes to this man.

We started dating almost 31 years ago.  He was a golfer at my parents course.
I was working in the clubhouse.  He sliced a ball that came through the clubhouse window and landed on the grill where I was cooking hamburgers.  I had thought he was a cutie all summer long.   I placed the golf ball in a hamburger bun and said
"here's your hamburger, sir" 
Yes, I called him "sir".  He is 8 years my senior. 
He asked my dad if he could take me out, he had to pay for the broken window
before I could go

We have two beautiful daughters.
They came up over the weekend, with their boys, to give us a gift.

Mr. Norm and I will be planning and building our new deck this weekend.
Wish I had gotten a video of the happy dance he did in the kitchen when
the kids told him what they had done for us.

 Exciting news on Valentines Day.
Miss Sarah is getting married.



  1. Congratulations, and Happy Anniversary! What a fantastic gift as well.. enjoy! Wonderful Valentine's Day news you received also :) -Tammy

  2. Ah, that was sweet and one of the best stories I've heard about how a couple got together. That's some great gift as well! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Wow! The kids really outdid themselves - what a wonderful gift of love ... and relaxation!
    - Sue