Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Progress at the Farm

Yes, we are back!  Even though you've not seen or heard from me in weeks, we've been busy!.  After a wonderfully restful and restorative vacation, we returned with a renewed energy to get some projects done here at the farm.  One being the room where this beautiful farm table resides. Mr. Norm created this beauty from a scrap pallet he brought home from work. Yes, I am blessed!

We've been finishing up on mudding, sanding, painting. trim work and now we are on to decor.  Found some
really cool old pieces that I'm putting some personal touches on and can not wait to hang them.  

Sorry, for the delay of YUM-Top 5.  I will be putting up this weeks linky later tonight.  Be sure to join us. 


  1. It's 11:30 here so I am going to bed.
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    xo bj

  2. oops..meant to add if you would rather not link me, it's ok, I'll link in the morning. :))