Monday, February 28, 2011

Get Prepared!

I know it must sound like a broken record, believe me, I would agree with you, but......

We had another cold spell and more snow up here at the Turner Farm. About 20" in the past 3 days and it's still falling.

The chickens have huddled up together in the coop, the dogs won't even poke their noses outside, and my husband has been busy plowing, shoveling, snow blowing, and endlessly filling the wood furnace.

The snow has covered the farm in a blanket of silence. 

Even the trees are too cold to sway in the breeze

I'm completely spoiled to have a husband do ALL that work....but while he was busy outside, I was busy making plans for my next diy project and cooking dinner [READ: Mac n' Cheese in a box with fruit smoothies] in Mom's kitchen on what I like to call:

The stove with a Hemi.

Mom doesn't usually say too much about her stove on here, but I will say it for her-

10 Burners. 2 ovens. This thing is a boiled a pot of water WAY under a minute. And those directions to cook for 8 minutes? Well it was actually more like 3 minutes. I almost burnt the Mac n' Cheese from a box. How does that even happen???

Gary and I have been carefully conspiring plans to move the stove down to our little 900sqft rental house 30 minutes away to replace our circa 1960's easy bake oven before mom and dad return. What do you think?

Can we pull it off without her noticing??

Anyways, what I really wanted to let you know was that just because Mom is on vacation the YUMS link party isn't going on vacation too.....

Join on Wednesday with your top 5 YUMS!

Share with us what brightens your day, and I'll share mine as well!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Be My Guest

Hey there, Sarah here.......Laurie's oldest daughter.

Turns out, you're stuck with me for the next week as mom and dad have skipped town to tropical weather just in time for us to get hit with a foot of snow.

Jealous? Yeah me too.

I was left here in charge of the blog, the farm, and the critters. I was asked to not reveal anything too embarrassing, to break anything, burn anything down, or lose any chickens.

Well, I'll see what I can do, but I certainly didn't make any promises.

Mom did want to let you all know that while she's got her toes in the sand, she is thinking of you all and sends a sunny hello.

Well, we might as well get to know each other a bit, since I'll be here for a few days.

Bare with me, my mom has rocked this blogging thing, and well....I have not.

A bit about me:

I, like my mother, love junk.

I also am a DIY gal

I, unlike my mother, do not cook.....often nor well.

I'm a mid (to late) 20-something and have been married for a whoopin' 6 months.

I graduated in Animal and Vet Science and spent my school days milking and taking care of cows. I love farm life, and hope to soon run a small farm of my own.

For now, I work as a scientific technician in a veterinary diagnostics lab, where there is a whole warehouse dedicated to antique and vintage lab equipment. Yeah, you name it. When things are slow and quiet at work, I go out back to the warehouse and drool over all the antique glass lab-ware, metal rusty lab trinkets, etc.

I dream my someday house will have a touch of vintage science.


Sometimes the lab decides to get rid of such things and puts them up for grabs....and I come home with some pretty sweet loot which I carefully tuck away for the day when we buy our first house and I can decorate with my vintage science memorabilia

My latest loot from the lab is a sweet vintage microscope circa early 1900's.

My husband is into science as well. He's finishing his PhD in biomedical engineering in cancer research.

You can call us nerdy, it's ok- we take it as a compliment.

Anyways, it was so nice to meet you! We'll talk more soon, but for now, I've got to go out and start shoveling a path to those chickens.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ wk3

Welcome to Wk 3 of YUM - Top 5

Congrats to BJ for making Top 5 in FJI Copy Me Challenge
YUM #1

Look at that mantel ~ LOVE it!
how appropriate that her blog is called Sweet Nothings

Brings me to YUM #2

Mr Norm's Mom is the ultimate Junker.
She tells me she was junking way before junking was cool
She has been "cleaning" house and passing many of her
treasures on to me.  Yeah, I know!  WOW

While I plan where and how I'm going to display these treasures
I have them sitting on a windowsill at the bottom of my stairs, in a
baking mold that Grammie T. also passed along to me.

Makes me smile every time I go up or down the stairs

Country Life ~ From my Kitchen Window ~ YUM #3

I never know what I may see from the farmhouse kitchen.

Today while baking, these beautiful creatures caught my
attention.  I didn't have time to do a proper photo shoot.
Is there anything more majestic than a bald eagle? 
I loved watching them. Well, until one decided
to land on the coop.  What would I do if he decided one of the chicks
looked like dinner? Thankfully, something in the back field captured his attention.

The baking I was distracted from ~ YUM  #4

I have been experimenting with different recipes using our ales that are
 produced at our new brewery (at work ~ not on the farm)

Yes, I joined the 30 day smoothie challenge.
Loved it and am still drinking smoothies for most of my breakfasts and lunches.
No, I did not go completely raw.  Earning an income from teaching
people how to pair food and wine, and creating new recipes makes it difficult to follow.
I do eat a healthy balanced diet and lean towards mostly fresh fruits and vegetables.

And yes, I love this bread.  I've made it utilizing several of our ales.
Our stout gives it a rich molasses flavor.  Reminds me of my gramp.
When we were young he'd make biscuits and serve them with molasses. YUM.
When our wheat ale is brewery the entire building smells like caramelized bananas.
Gives this bread that fabulous flavor. 

Many of you have asked for the recipe.
Please remember that I hardly ever measure.

Simple Beer Bread
3 cups flour
3 tsps baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup sugar
12 oz Ale
1/2 cup melted butter

I toss in fresh finely chopped rosemary and/or thyme

Note: Self rising flour has baking powder and salt ~ omit these two if using Self rising

Preheat oven to 375 degrees
Spray bread pan
Mix first 4 ingredients
toss in herbs.
Transfer to bread pan.
Top with butter.
Bake 1 hour.

I have played with variations. Love adding various cheeses and other herbs.

YUM #5 ~ Toes in the Sand

RULES:  Any Top 5 that puts a smile in your heart
and you link back to this post.

Chilly Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

 I love reading cookbooks
I find the old ones to be so much fun
Spent some time reading as...

It is sooooo cold......

Look at the warmth that yeast is creating ~ Amazing!
Can feel the HEAT

Did a little bit of baking early this am to bring some warmth to the kitchen of the farm house.

Can not believe that all my loaf pans are still in storage
Because I've made several wedding cakes ~ my cake pans are here at the farm 
They'll work.

Not a low fat bread.  Yes, that is butter.
Busy creating the best crispy crust to this delish beer bread.

A treat for a cold and windy day.

Headed into work..

If you're in the North, hope you stay warm.
Those of you lucky ones in the south,
I'll be joining you soon...

Be sure to join us for YUM - Top 5 # wk 3
Each Wednesday share any top 5 that puts a smile in your heart


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Special Bulletin

You've seen snippets of  my rolling pin obsession.
If you haven't you can find it here

It is not my only obsession.

Another is old wooden ironing boards.
I use them for everything
In the garden for a garden bench
Temporary Serving Stations at picnics and family gatherings
Work benches for construction projects.

This is one of many
Put to use to showcase some items that make me smile
My special bulletin

The invitation my girls hand stitched for our 25th
The portrait of Mr. Norm's dad
An invite to Miss Sarah's wedding.
Need to unpack Miss Kristin's   

Something  that makes me smile
A photo sizing trick
Miss Donna of Funky Junk shared it on a recent post
Love learning something new.

Someting else that makes me smile
A sneak peek at my YUM - Top 5 for wk 3

..Love having a small corner that makes my heart smile


Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ #2

Welcome to YUM - Top 5 ~ #2
Starts each Wednesday at 8am Eastern

Morning sunrise on my way to the coop YUM - #1

Researching decorating ideas as we plan our Master bath ~ YUM - #2

Celebrating our Anniversary ~ Blessed with two beautiful girls ~ YUM - #3

Preparing our anniversary dinner with produce we harvested from
our garden last fall ~ YUM - #4

 and this market bag ~ A BIG YUM
ordered it on just before Christmas 

YUM - #5

Look forward to seeing what YUM's put a smile in your heart this week.
Please link back to this page.

The weekly YUM - Top 5 will be scheduled to start earlier beginning next week.


Friday, February 11, 2011


With all the snow 
100's of feet 
 ok, slight exaggeration
Construction on the farm house has come to a stand still
It has been a long process.
Oh, I'm not whining, at least I keep telling myself that.
  I love the process (I keep telling myself that too!!)
I'm just missing some of my favorite things
 I see your beautiful homes and I yearn (makes me sound old)
I yearn for the days....

Mr. Norm finds me wandering amongst the power tools, sheet rock, and paint.
  Clinging to some of my things that have made the journey to the farm.
I lovingly lay them out on the construction dust covered floors.
Planning what treasures that currently insulated wall will hold.
All the while in the midst of a mental war.
A lot of work goes into a perfectly sheet rocked wall.
Do I really want to put nail holes in it?
Well, YEAH!!!

Our FIRST ~ YUM -Top 5 was more than amazing.
You all are fabulous and You have fantabulous YUMS!


Be sure to join us Wednesdays.
Any top 5 that puts a smile in your heart.


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