Monday, February 28, 2011

Get Prepared!

I know it must sound like a broken record, believe me, I would agree with you, but......

We had another cold spell and more snow up here at the Turner Farm. About 20" in the past 3 days and it's still falling.

The chickens have huddled up together in the coop, the dogs won't even poke their noses outside, and my husband has been busy plowing, shoveling, snow blowing, and endlessly filling the wood furnace.

The snow has covered the farm in a blanket of silence. 

Even the trees are too cold to sway in the breeze

I'm completely spoiled to have a husband do ALL that work....but while he was busy outside, I was busy making plans for my next diy project and cooking dinner [READ: Mac n' Cheese in a box with fruit smoothies] in Mom's kitchen on what I like to call:

The stove with a Hemi.

Mom doesn't usually say too much about her stove on here, but I will say it for her-

10 Burners. 2 ovens. This thing is a boiled a pot of water WAY under a minute. And those directions to cook for 8 minutes? Well it was actually more like 3 minutes. I almost burnt the Mac n' Cheese from a box. How does that even happen???

Gary and I have been carefully conspiring plans to move the stove down to our little 900sqft rental house 30 minutes away to replace our circa 1960's easy bake oven before mom and dad return. What do you think?

Can we pull it off without her noticing??

Anyways, what I really wanted to let you know was that just because Mom is on vacation the YUMS link party isn't going on vacation too.....

Join on Wednesday with your top 5 YUMS!

Share with us what brightens your day, and I'll share mine as well!


  1. Hey Girl...good luck on moving that stove!!! I would try to get it out to Arizona if I thought I would get by with it...10!

  2. It IS a beast! Heck, it's two beasts! If I help you move it, would you consider splitting it in two? ; )


  3. Wow! What an stove!

    The thing is that I want your mom to fix me one of her meals on that baby. Now, if I could only get to her or she could get to me in Tennessee.

    Stay warm!

  4. that is some stove. :))

    I have my YUM post up and will link in the morning.:)

  5. Sounds like your mom would love a good joke! But, the farm sounds devine....can't wait to read more about it when spring arrives!
    Mel's Cabin enjoys your blog.