Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~ Plans ~ They've Changed!

Mr. Norm and I have been busy trying to finish up on some of the projects that have been hanging around the farm. Setting goals to check some items off the ever growing To-Do list.   Last weekend we worked on completing our counters in the kitchen.  The plans of using the beautiful mahogany lumber we reclaimed from the free shipping pallets ~ changed!  As the pieces were put together,  simultaneously we decided there was a much better use for this gorgeous creation. 

Revised Goal:  Complete by Thanksgiving!


Friday, October 15, 2010

With a Smile ~ Words~ Not Necessary

Please note:  The photographer's photos are still in process.  Many of these photos were captured via cell phone and shared on facebook.  I understand that copying photos from facebook distorts their quality, but I am just to excited for Miss Sarah, that I must share.

Miss Sarah enjoyed her wedding day.  

A Joyous Heart !


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Questions ???

With encouragement from my Miss Sarah, I ventured
 into the land of blogging as a way to document the creation
 and adventures of THE TURNER FARM. 
I started to blog 9 months ago, the farm well..
It will be five years in March. 
                How I made my settee is here.
WOW!!   If I knew then what I know now! 
 I wouldn't change a thing! Well, Maybe!
Are there any of you out there in blog~land that have lived
in the place you are building?  If so,
I stand now and salute you!  
If you have done this, did you make the decision to do it out of pocket?
                      trying to figure out my new camera
Build as you go, you know...
work, work, work
    to save, save, save, 
so you can work, work, work to complete 
that next project.  Like an in~door shower!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my out~door shower and we are
working on a Fabulous permanent one.  I laugh at myself as 
I type this. From a once  control freak~ had to have perfection,
done today person. To my counters are plywood,
outlet covers are on order, stickers are still on my windows,
the sink front is not in place. Projects everywhere we turn.
 Some that are not done and some that are.
This was once dead space, Mr. Norm surprised
me by creating this wonderful wine rack.

I am often asked by friends ~ How do you do it?
Let me just share this.  Looking back and seeing the
person I once was,  Obsessed with perfection. 
I love who I have become.  I enjoy the process.
Taking the time to find what I really want
in my home.  Time for some deep soul searching
here, our last home was a fake!  Yup, a fake!  
Yes, it was home.  Yes, at the time I loved it.  I would
never part with the memories we have of raising our girls there.
 We built it! It was our home, but you know the kind ~ All show! 
If we are being honest here, we built it to impress others as
much as we built it for ourselves. 

 We are in a different place now.

Thank you!  And I am LOVING it.  Taking the time to find the 
right pieces. Who knew it would take us almost FIVE years
to decide, for what seems like the bizzillionth time, on what
we want for the in~door shower.   
I love the photo below, but never posted it.  It reveals that our 
cabinets were not finished.  Which resulted in everything being 
on the counters out for everyone to see.
Did I say, I LOVE IT!
What prompted this post?  I received a comment.  
This was not a sincere comment, it was actually a mean comment.
Then while visiting, I discovered that there are a few of you out
there that had received even meaner comments. 

Not from the same person.

What do you think?  If we open our homes, our hearts and share
our lives with others, does that make mean comments ok? 
Is there a place for them? 
May I suggest?   Just kidding~ I think.   My life is not perfect.
My home is in process.  What makes it perfect is that it is
my home!  I pray that I can keep this blog so it represents me
and my life.  That is never becomes a blog created to impress
others. I can not help but wonder if this person's blog was
created like our first home. More to impress others. 
If so, I feel sorry for her. 

Having created a life that was not really me, I understand.  
I Thank God daily that he has blessed me with this journey 
and that through him I am discovering Home!

Discovering and sharing who we are, our talents, our gifts, our blessings.  


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hidden Gems

With building, many of my treasures have been buried away
 in a storage unit.  I try not to visit often as it makes me sad.
 With my kitchen almost done, I did venture over a few days
 ago to retrieve my kitchenaid. 
I couldn't bring myself to leave these beauties behind.
This is my beloved pig poster. It is actually a feed advertisement.
One of those hidden treasures buried deep in the walls
 of our first home.
We found it when we were expanding the kitchen, along
with many other gems.
I Love the story it tells.  
With my cup of coffee, I've spent most of the morning walking 
around the finished parts of my house,  Pig Poster in-hand... 
Where will she go?
Do you remember these photos of another find?
We've been busy in the evenings.  Finishing up
some of last construction projects for the kitchen. 
I posted sometime ago,  regarding my counters.
Mr. Norm came up with a great  solution.  
This will soon be my counter top.
From the two freebie solid mahogany shipping skids, we 
reclaimed enough to do a majority of my counter space.
We will be using stainless on the prep area. and I will
need a section of marble for chocolate work.

We're getting closer....


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where do you get your Inspiration?

I've been catching up with many of you.  Enjoying your posts as I savor my morning coffee.  You truly are amazing  you know.  Each and every one of you, your posts giving glimpses of the life you lead.  I love it.
I was thinking about you on my way into town yesterday.  Wondering .....
Where do you get your inspiration?
 With a 12 mile trip to town, I have a moment or two to think
.We've been working on numerous projects around the farm.  
Using up some scrap lumber to finish up on some projects before the cold hits.
Making sure the critters are warm for the winter.
Have some painting to do.  The colors?  Read the story behind
the story here.  When I'm finished painting it should look
something like the chicken coop.
I am in love with these doors.  They are on every building on
the farm. This is my kitchen door.  Have I told you? I LOVE it!  
The fact that we've made them all using scraps from building 
the farmhouse make them even more special.
I love the sound they make when they squeak and slam

I'm headed into work today~ many miles from here
~with lots of time~I'll be thinking about you and wondering
Where do you get your inspiration?
Linking to Donna at Funky Junk Interiors

Friday, October 1, 2010

All About Me

Please note ~ this post has been edited. 
It was originally created to Link to Funky Junks Link Party
All about Me. Thought it would be a good way for us to get to 
know each other a little better.  I look forward to meeting you!

~Who I am~

Executive Chef, who's dream is to supply the majority of my family's food from our farm.
I'm getting closer to that goal 
I love to cook and create
I read cookbooks like one would a novel
Yet, I Never, Ever, Ever, use a recipe
I collect old kitchen gadgets and rolling pins
It has become an obsession
I am currently redoing this wall.  
Yup, I'm changing it up ~ to showcase more gadgets!


~ Where I live ~
I live on 128 acres in a remote Maine town.
1 mile to the closest neighbor
12 miles to the closest store
62 miles to where I work

I am currently flock keeper of 50 barred rocks 
and 20 pearl guineas. 
They are my entertainment
I am frugal in all aspects of my life.
We are building our dream ~ out of pocket.
 We are currently in year four.
  Many rooms are still at the insulation stage.

~ My Favorite Room~

My Kitchen
We have done everything ourselves.
Not buying until we find a bargain.
we bought the commercial hood from a restaurant that went under
after 2 months of operation.

~  Something you may not know about me ~

I live without TV. I need quiet time.  
My brain is constantly on overload creating
recipes, planning the next construction project on the farm,
 gardening, DIY projects
The list goes on and on.
There is no room for the noise created by the TV, 
so several years ago I unplugged.
This is what I choose to fill my brain with now

~ One more thing you may not know about me ~

 Two of my sisters, myself, and our husbands recently 
bought our parents homestead and golf course.
My Grandfather established the course in 1927.
The property was settled by my great, great, great...
well you get it...in 1754.  
22 years before our country gained it's independence.
To say I'm a Maine Girl is an understatement.
I have roots ~ deep roots ~ in Maine 
and on that family property.
Which creates a deep in my soul desire to create those roots
for my children and my children's children.
A gift created for me and our family many generations ago.

~ Why I Blog ~
As a child, I would spend hours reading
 the diaries of my ancestors
I wanted a journal for my children and their children of 
Life on the farm.

and I blog because of 


 Each and every one of you add to my life.