Thursday, October 14, 2010

Questions ???

With encouragement from my Miss Sarah, I ventured
 into the land of blogging as a way to document the creation
 and adventures of THE TURNER FARM. 
I started to blog 9 months ago, the farm well..
It will be five years in March. 
                How I made my settee is here.
WOW!!   If I knew then what I know now! 
 I wouldn't change a thing! Well, Maybe!
Are there any of you out there in blog~land that have lived
in the place you are building?  If so,
I stand now and salute you!  
If you have done this, did you make the decision to do it out of pocket?
                      trying to figure out my new camera
Build as you go, you know...
work, work, work
    to save, save, save, 
so you can work, work, work to complete 
that next project.  Like an in~door shower!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my out~door shower and we are
working on a Fabulous permanent one.  I laugh at myself as 
I type this. From a once  control freak~ had to have perfection,
done today person. To my counters are plywood,
outlet covers are on order, stickers are still on my windows,
the sink front is not in place. Projects everywhere we turn.
 Some that are not done and some that are.
This was once dead space, Mr. Norm surprised
me by creating this wonderful wine rack.

I am often asked by friends ~ How do you do it?
Let me just share this.  Looking back and seeing the
person I once was,  Obsessed with perfection. 
I love who I have become.  I enjoy the process.
Taking the time to find what I really want
in my home.  Time for some deep soul searching
here, our last home was a fake!  Yup, a fake!  
Yes, it was home.  Yes, at the time I loved it.  I would
never part with the memories we have of raising our girls there.
 We built it! It was our home, but you know the kind ~ All show! 
If we are being honest here, we built it to impress others as
much as we built it for ourselves. 

 We are in a different place now.

Thank you!  And I am LOVING it.  Taking the time to find the 
right pieces. Who knew it would take us almost FIVE years
to decide, for what seems like the bizzillionth time, on what
we want for the in~door shower.   
I love the photo below, but never posted it.  It reveals that our 
cabinets were not finished.  Which resulted in everything being 
on the counters out for everyone to see.
Did I say, I LOVE IT!
What prompted this post?  I received a comment.  
This was not a sincere comment, it was actually a mean comment.
Then while visiting, I discovered that there are a few of you out
there that had received even meaner comments. 

Not from the same person.

What do you think?  If we open our homes, our hearts and share
our lives with others, does that make mean comments ok? 
Is there a place for them? 
May I suggest?   Just kidding~ I think.   My life is not perfect.
My home is in process.  What makes it perfect is that it is
my home!  I pray that I can keep this blog so it represents me
and my life.  That is never becomes a blog created to impress
others. I can not help but wonder if this person's blog was
created like our first home. More to impress others. 
If so, I feel sorry for her. 

Having created a life that was not really me, I understand.  
I Thank God daily that he has blessed me with this journey 
and that through him I am discovering Home!

Discovering and sharing who we are, our talents, our gifts, our blessings.  



  1. Laurie,
    This is a great post! It gives me a feeling of vicarious satisfaction to read your blog and how you are making and living your home.
    Personally, if someone wants to make mean comments, I feel sorry for them. I don't think it really reflects on you, or me.
    Not many people have the courage/conviction to step out as you have with your home and lifestyle, which is sincere and honest and real.

  2. Laurie, I love this! Love that wall of windows with that cool tobacco-ey brown paint on the wall.

    I have lived in houses that I've redone. My ex husband and I used to restore century homes in Ohio and because of money constraints, we always lived there with our three small children.

    Not saying that's why he's my ex...but boy, that was stressful.

    Don't worry about bullies in blogland. They are everywhere. I just don't engage with them, whatsoever, and they go away.

    Your house is rockin' cool already.

    You just keep on keepin' on and don't worry about what naysayers say...which I guess would be nay... but hmmm.... I hope you know what I mean!

    Hugs and thanks for a cool blog!

  3. Don't you wish everyone could be kind. I do believe in karma though. On a happier note your kitchen is to die for. The deep window sills are going to hold some great Christmas candles I bet.

  4. No, I never think there is a reason for someone to be mean on here. I think it is totally wrong and unnecessary. I understand constructive critcism, but I do not understand unkind comments. I am sorry someone is so unhappy or discontented that they would feel the need to be unkind.

    I love how you are building your home. I stand up and salute you, my friend.

  5. Thanks Everyone! Sweet souls you are! I am over it, deleted it from the post and deleted it from my mind and onto organizing myself so I can link up to some of the fun linky parties I see going on. ~Blessings~

  6. So sorry you had a mean comment. Isn't it amazing how you can get so many positive ones and one negative can more or less cancel all the good ones out. It's hurtful and in my opinion there isn't any room in blogland for it. This should be a safe place for us to share our lives and if the person doesn't agree they need to move on silently. Oh and your house is really beautiful:)

  7. Someone as sweet as you does not deserve a mean comment! Don't let this taint your view of blogging. There are so many wonderful and supportive women, it's a shame to let one rotten apple spoil the rest.

    I think a work in progress is fun! Our last house in the city was a new house and there was nothing to do to it. It was b-o-r-i-n-g. I'd much rather live with an ugly counter top and a brick wall that is half painted so that I can dream about what they will become. Sort of like the journey is far better than the destination.

    Hugs ~Andrea~

  8. Hello Laurie,
    This is my first time visiting, and enjoyed every minute. So sorry for the mean comment that you got. I applaud you for building this beautiful home, doing the work yourself, and of journaling it.Awesome! Enjoy your day.

  9. Loved loookoing at your pictures! :) As far as mean comments....I have not received any but if I ever do....I hope they are brave enough to not be annonymous!! ;)
    Stop by for a visit. :)