Wednesday, March 30, 2011

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ #5

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ #5
Yum #1 ~ Vintage Restaurant Doors
I found one and am in the middle of a project. 
It will be used in my dining area ~ but not as a door.

YUM #2 ~ Vintage Industrial Chairs
I'm on the hunt for some fun chairs ~ really LOVE these

YUM ~ #3 Fun Garden Sheds
Mr. Norm and I are up to our elbows planning this years gardens
I'm wanting one of these to keep our tools handy.

YUM ~ #4  Fresh from the Farm
Our Gardens are Growing ~ In size that is ~ Still not ready for planting
But we sure are Planning ~ LOVE this time of year!

YUM ~ #5 Pallet Signs
Last spring, to help me organize my garden tools, I gathered up
a couple of old pallets and created a unique storage area.
With a love of worn old farm road signs, I decided to add some
flair to the pallets with the hopes creating some of my worn farm
signs.  I am beyond excited as the snow melts and reveals the results.
New photos coming soon!
Thank you for your prayers for Kylee.  She had a tough round this time.  A long haul in the hospital with many challenges, all met with Grace.  God is Blessing her and hearing all our prayers.  She is home today with her precious little ones ~ Blessings ~ Our Family's #1 YUM


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Progress at the Farm

Yes, we are back!  Even though you've not seen or heard from me in weeks, we've been busy!.  After a wonderfully restful and restorative vacation, we returned with a renewed energy to get some projects done here at the farm.  One being the room where this beautiful farm table resides. Mr. Norm created this beauty from a scrap pallet he brought home from work. Yes, I am blessed!

We've been finishing up on mudding, sanding, painting. trim work and now we are on to decor.  Found some
really cool old pieces that I'm putting some personal touches on and can not wait to hang them.  

Sorry, for the delay of YUM-Top 5.  I will be putting up this weeks linky later tonight.  Be sure to join us. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We're Back

It has been an amazing couple of weeks.  I want to send out a big Thank You to Miss Sarah
for being a guest poster here at the farm.  She and her husband did a lot of work to make
it possible for Mr. Norm and I to get away.  Get away we did.  We had a fabulous trip.

We slept until we were done. Enjoyed the local treasures.  
The scenery was breath taking.  The food ~ YUM!
Snorkeling ~ Swimming~ Eating~ Drinking~ Relaxing

Our biggest decision - pool side or surf side.

Enjoyed many of the local eateries.  Inspiration with every morsel of food and drink we had.
Brought back many new spices to experiment with.

Mayan Coffee a fitting toast for our pending return to the farm

Welcomed home to an ice storm and below normal temperatures.
A whooping 100 degree difference our last day there.

Always a blessing to be home.

Just a bit challenging when you return to 48 hours of no power.

Worth every moment.  The powerful blessings of sun, fun, and sand

Have many more to share in next weeks YUM - Top 5

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey Everyone! It's Sarah again, Laurie's daughter.

Mom and Dad made it back safely from their vacation, and had a great time. I'm sure she'll tell you all about it soon! However, they arrived home just in time for a big ice storm and have been without power for 2 days and nights now. 

Pretty typical for a March in Maine! 


They are managing to stay warm and all (with the help of that beastly oven), but mom called me tonight and requested that I inform you that this week's YUM link-up party will be postponed until next week. 

As soon as power is restored, she'll be back!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

YUM ~ Top 5 ~ wk 4

In case you haven't been tuning in, this is Sarah [Laurie's Daughter] reporting in with the top 5 things that brought joy to my day. [You'll have to excuse the quality of some of my pics, I only have a cheap point n' shoot]

I'ld love to hear about your day, go ahead and join in!

YUM #1

Getting to come home to my handsome husband. I'll leave it to you to figure out which one that would be.....LOL!

YUM #2

Successfully completing Day 6 of my very first Beth Moore  bible study, "Stepping Up". [What an AMAZING journey it has been!]

YUM #3: 

Getting a PIF [paid in full] by borrower  e-mail notification for one of my student loans.
 Whoo-hoo! Total Count: Three down a billion to go....but one step closer to our goal of being debt free!

YUM #4: 

Trying to find a spot to hang my rock coat hanger/shelf made by my husband out of rocks and drift wood from a beach we always frequent in Lubec, ME.
[NOTE: These pictures do NOT do this justice!]

Yum #5: 

Picture from:

Coveting this antique french  periodic table.

Hope you're all having a fantastic Wednesday and finding joy in your day!