Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where do you get your Inspiration?

I've been catching up with many of you.  Enjoying your posts as I savor my morning coffee.  You truly are amazing  you know.  Each and every one of you, your posts giving glimpses of the life you lead.  I love it.
I was thinking about you on my way into town yesterday.  Wondering .....
Where do you get your inspiration?
 With a 12 mile trip to town, I have a moment or two to think
.We've been working on numerous projects around the farm.  
Using up some scrap lumber to finish up on some projects before the cold hits.
Making sure the critters are warm for the winter.
Have some painting to do.  The colors?  Read the story behind
the story here.  When I'm finished painting it should look
something like the chicken coop.
I am in love with these doors.  They are on every building on
the farm. This is my kitchen door.  Have I told you? I LOVE it!  
The fact that we've made them all using scraps from building 
the farmhouse make them even more special.
I love the sound they make when they squeak and slam

I'm headed into work today~ many miles from here
~with lots of time~I'll be thinking about you and wondering
Where do you get your inspiration?
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  1. If that is your drive then I am jealous of your inspiration. Wow.
    WE all needs moments of beauty to get inspired. You sure seem to have an abundance of beauty around you.

    Have an awesome day.

  2. Oh these photos are gorgeous! If this is your drive to work, wow, must be hard to stay on the road! I get my inspiration from all my blogging friends, too. They decorate with eye candy, they farm with passion, they love like no tomorrow. Such inspiring examples for me to follow, since I'm in the learning process. Your door is so barn-chic :) LOVE!
    Becky C

  3. I love your door. I could hear the squeak and slam when you said it.

    I usually get inspired by ideas from other bloggers. I know copy catting, but I do try to change it up to make it my own. I want things to be personal to my family. I am just not always good at thinking things up. Seasons certainly inspire me and things that my family enjoy doing. Since we homeschool, it seems that I tend to decorate with lots of old books. I actually went to a thrift store today and bought two boxes of beautiful old hard back books for .50 a piece. So excited...

  4. Just beautiful - as always! Thanks for your kind words & visit. My drive is similar to yours and I'm constantly trying to stop n take pictures of EVERYTHING! Our trees are not nearly as bright as yours tho.... The cows I see all over really appeal to me. Don't know why. I'm a wannabe artist w/no real talent so I stick with horse training/teaching as my outlet. Wish I could cook!!! Or sew. Fabric inspires me. As do blogs like yours!

  5. What a beautiful way to start your day. You must feel such peace on your ride in each day. I recently (over the summer) have found blogging and am inspired by all the wonderful people who share their talents. Your blog is lovely and I will be visiting often.