Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions....

I love to cook....

Family Reunion Cooking Class - 8/09

These pictures were taken at a private cooking class I held at the
Winery where I am the Resident Chef.

See that countertop?
I know it's hard to see beyond the food.
I think that may be my point.
I think?

I love working in this kitchen.
It's beautiful.
It's efficient.
It's organized.
It's Chef friendly!

One would think the countertop selection choice for
my home kitchen would be easier.
A no-brainer!
It has been the most difficult decision to date!

#1. Have you seen the selection?
I shop at Farmers Markets and Small Family owned Businesses for two reasons:
Because I want to support the local economy
(It's a Big AND)
I get so overwhelmed with choices!

A little glimpse into what I go through:
I knew from day one that I wanted
cedar shingles on the house and all other buildings on the farm.
I knew I wanted a unique trim on these buildings.
Then I went to work finding the colors.
This was in March of '07.
By March of '09, Mr. Norm had constructed the
main house, the chicken coop, the boiler house,
the dog kennel,  and the wood shed.
We had also driven every road it Maine
color stalking other homes.
(slight exaggeration).
I had collected every paint chip known to man.
Taped them to every building.
Slept with them.
(again, slight exaggeration)
Still no decision!
Want to know what happened?
It isn't pretty!
Unbeknownst to me, Mr. Norm had a plan,
off to Home Depot we went.
Directly to the paint department.
Mr. Norm had a cart!
What? Wait a minute!
He started loading the cart!
He's putting in One..
No, two....No, three....
He had four different colors in that cart.
I can not breath!
Did something happen to my hearing?
I can't hear!
What is happening!
Mr. Norm is laughing..
rolling on the floor laughing...
all the way to the check out ..
I scrapped myself up off the floor and I followed...

 Here we are today, a decision needs to be made.

This is what I do know.
I DO NOT want my countertops to be the focal point of my kicthen.
They need to be food safe, durable, and efficient.
While they are rustic, chic and unique.
The workhorse dreaming to be the show stud!

Oh, and yes I love the colors WE chose for the shingles and trim.
All four of them!
A true Maine Farm.


  1. Oh my gosh, you've been a posting fool! Keep posting, they will come. Good stuff Laurie! I can't wait to see what you end up with for countertops. I did floor tile, it was what we could afford. I'm not going into debt to fix up a kitchen! I like it, unless I'm rolling out pie crusts.....


  2. Thank you Jayme. I saw your beautiful countertops. Showed Norm your island, along with your tub and your galvanized sink in the basement. Love!

  3. Thank you for your visit. I will be back to see you tomorrow. I just wanted to share that my maiden name is Turner. It's appropriate that you should find me ;)

    Back soon-

  4. Hi Laurie, Just found your blog...very nice. We have a lot in hubby and I build homes house at a time. We do all the work...don't sub anything out and like you "with our own money"!!! Makes it hard sometimes but worth it in the end...

  5. Hi Laurie. So nice to 'meet' you! Wow... you're a chef, you have a farm, fixing up your kitchen... what a busy life! I can't wait to see what else is in store at the Turner Farm :) -Tammy