Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hidden Gems

With building, many of my treasures have been buried away
 in a storage unit.  I try not to visit often as it makes me sad.
 With my kitchen almost done, I did venture over a few days
 ago to retrieve my kitchenaid. 
I couldn't bring myself to leave these beauties behind.
This is my beloved pig poster. It is actually a feed advertisement.
One of those hidden treasures buried deep in the walls
 of our first home.
We found it when we were expanding the kitchen, along
with many other gems.
I Love the story it tells.  
With my cup of coffee, I've spent most of the morning walking 
around the finished parts of my house,  Pig Poster in-hand... 
Where will she go?
Do you remember these photos of another find?
We've been busy in the evenings.  Finishing up
some of last construction projects for the kitchen. 
I posted sometime ago,  regarding my counters.
Mr. Norm came up with a great  solution.  
This will soon be my counter top.
From the two freebie solid mahogany shipping skids, we 
reclaimed enough to do a majority of my counter space.
We will be using stainless on the prep area. and I will
need a section of marble for chocolate work.

We're getting closer....



  1. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. How lucky you are. Can't wait for the finished room photos. I bet the pig picture will be the first thing hung up.

  3. How exciting...I love that pig poster, and your counters are going to look amazing!

    Kat :)

  4. How exciting! Can't wait to see the finished project and your treasures displayed!

  5. How wonderful to be anticipating a brand new kitchen! Your countertops are sure to be beautiful. It will be fun to find just the right spot for each of your special treasures!
    Enjoy the process...and have a happy day! :)

  6. I love your pig poster too....fun to have a new kitchen but hard to wait I am sure!!

  7. A section for chocolate work?! Oh, I'd be in heaven. I have taken a chocolate course, (a real one!) and I learned to temper by hand. It was fun but tempering by hand can be tricky!

    I love your poster, what a cool item to find, how exciting that must have been!

    Hugs ~Andrea~

  8. OK, dying of envy here. That butcher block top is going to be amazing...and a marble slab too. Acccckkkk!!! Must move into your house when you aren't looking.

  9. That pig poster is so PRECIOUS!!!! Love it! And love the wood for the countertop! Oh my, I'm so jealous that you can do this all again ... to build again after living life for a while. And learning through experience what you do and don't want. Hugs to you!!

  10. Wow thats great cant wait to see it completed. I found your blog whilst searching, I love it! another follower to add to your list! Have a great weekend !