Thursday, February 25, 2010

TAPAS - Many Small Tidbits on One's Plate

Last night was our Tapas Cooking Class at the Winery.  10 wonderful people, joining together to prepare 10 tasty items, to be enjoyed with a sampling of wine and ale.
It was a fun and creative evening. 
It has been a busy, busy week.  I've been going in a lot of different directions.
I think I've passed myself on the interstate on more than one occasion.
Spending the day working on the years calendar of cooking classes and menus.
Whole new meaning to menu planning in advance!

I am thankful that we were all created with inner thoughts. Can you imagine being able to see inner thoughts? You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

I am also trying to finish up on the first project for
Along with being thankful that you can not see my inner thoughts.
I am THANKFUL that you can not see my house. Not today anyway. My under construction, sawdust, sheetrock, and power tool decorated house. I work every day on loving unconditionally, I love my house, I really do.  It's just, well if, well, I guess I'll leave it at that. 

Tapas - Many Tidbits on One's Plate.

When my brain can not absorb the planning of the cooking school calendar, I allow it to become distracted with some of these:

Treasures given to me since the move.  Oh! the ones waiting to be
revealed from the storage unit.  One day my house will be done and I WILL be able to unpack.

Be sure to tune in Sunday night.  10 Decorators, 10 weeks, great fun.



  1. You've been busy, busy, busy as always! Cooking class looks like such fun, and I love the treasures you've been given. Lucky you! -Tammy

  2. Oh my..I know just how you feel about unpacking your treasures...will be like Christmas morning for sure. Made me homesick for every thing I have packed away...but also keeps me from buying new stuff. I always think "Gosh, I have things way better than this in storage" day our houses will be done...

  3. I loved your comment about passing yourself on the interstate. I wish I had thought of that line! ;)