Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Warm White Welcome....SYTYCD

This weeks SYTYCD assignment is White.  With our old home this would of been an easy assignment.  With The Turner Farm House, not so much.   With the rooms that are near completion, I could not find one area where white would work.  Could we wire, hang sheet rock, mud, sand, paint, and lay the flooring in time for this entry to be submitted.  Mr. Norm didn't think so.  So what to do? 

If you have been following my blog, you know that we have been spending a lot of time at my mom and dad's helping them prepare for the opening of the course.  Ahhh... White!    With the weather as nice as it is, we are ahead of schedule for opening.  One month ahead of schedule!  The earliest opening since 1981. 

The Challenge:  To create a warm welcome to old and new friends.  This is a challenge, as we are busy racking, mowing, cleaning debris, stocking, scheduling, and preparing for opening after a long winter. 

The Club House was constructed in 1927 from the stones that
once lined the Reynolds Farm.  The Chairs although not that
old, sure looked it.

The Solution: The wonders of spray paint and accessories. I have always loved this building.  Inside there
is a large field stone fireplace and exposed logs on the ceiling.  

My sister had thrown what was a red broken star away.
Yes, I went dumpster diving.

There was still so much this star had to offer.

A Warm White Welcome
Come sit and enjoy watching new friends play
 a round of golf.

Hope you enjoyed your visit with the Reynolds Family.
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  1. You gave those chairs a fresh, new look! I love how you rescued that star from the trash, too. You've created a welcoming space to relax and enjoy the spring weather!!

  2. i am in LOVE with that BIG star! i love how the chairs turned out too! awesome job.

  3. Hey Laurie, I left my first comment on contest day so I hope this one takes this time!

    I cannot believe you have those amazing grounds around you! That rock building is to die for! The little sitting area you created against it urges anyone to come on over and enjoy. What a beautiful little spot! And against the water front? Outstanding!

    You chose your rest spots so well. Your whites are beautiful and perfect in both areas and actually highlight and further enhance them. And that star in the garbage?!? Isn't that against the law somewhere?!?!? :)

    Love what you've done Laurie. :)


  4. I just love the white chairs against the stone wall with the big star in the middle. You have created an inviting outdoor space that just calls you to stay a while with a beverage-of-choice and read a magazine. This is such a great example of how you can spray anything white and it will look better. I'll have to keep my eyes pealed for some of those plastic chairs. They look great! Well done.