Monday, January 31, 2011

30-Day Challenge ~ Day 15

A challenge within the challenge
The addition of a salad a day.  Not difficult for
me as I LOVE fresh salads.
My blender decided it had enough and retired.
Not wanting all this goodness to go to waste, I'll be
shopping for a new blender tomorrow.
Loving the smoothies in the am.
Started some fresh sprouts today,
a wonderful Christmas Gift from the
family swap.

Now  the the rest of the challenge
within the challenge.

In addition to the daily smoothie:

Add a fresh salad 
At least 1 hour of exercise a day
At least 1/2 spent outside.
No meat.

How am I feeling with my first 15 days you ask?
Why fabulous thank you!

Increased energy, decreased mental fog, increased
sleep and decreased 7lbs!

Be back on Wednesday for YUM ~ Top 5.  Thinking
about making it a weekly Wednesday link up.
Pick your top 5 YUM of the week.  See my last weeks


Saturday, January 29, 2011

BON APPETIT ~ Centerpiece

to cook
and create
using some of my favorite things
to accomplish both things

blending new memories 
with old

and believing 
the centerpiece of any home
should be anchored with

enjoyed and remembered with
What can I say?  After days of being snowbound,
I'm becoming a bit stir crazy. 
My current path to the boiler house to tend the
fires.  Ok, slight exaggeration Googled ~ Chef lost in snow drifts

Slightly whining, unable to work on any construction projects 
and really wanting to participate in Miss Donna's SNS Link
up on centerpieces.  I distract myself.  

Joining the Tuesday fun at Coastal Charm.
~Zero dollars ~
Edited this post:  Headed out of town for a few days
Wanted to join the fun with Vintage Thingy Thursday at Colorado Lady's Blog

I spend my time in my kitchen developing recipes using the
wines and ales produced at the winery.  
Maybe, just maybe I shouldn't of sampled so much.
Channeling my beloved Julia?

While mixing, blending, infusing, tasting, and all the
while thinking..

What would my centerpiece be? 

No getting out, only using what I have on hand. 
all my centerpiecery pieces still in storage.
 No fresh flowers.

What to use?

Well food of course! Duh!
With that major decision behind me , I went for a
walk with Oakley.  
Guess what we discovered?
Our first jellyfish on the farm. 

I really need to get out!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~ YUM ~ Top 5

Adding lemon water to my 30-day challenge - YUM #1
Fresh fruit and veggie smoothies - YUM #2
Played in the kitchen with the newest Ale.
Love cooking with wine or ale ~ adds depth of flavor.
Created a "Red Flannel Ale" Bread Pizza
Topped with baby spinach and fresh mozzarella.
Served with the minestrone I made Mr. Norm -YUM #3

Looking for some finishing touches for a few of my rooms.
Came across this amazing rug. Miss Sarah and I are
working on creating one - YUM #4 - etsy shop here
Also on the to-do list - YUM #5 found here
With this post sitting in draft form, I visited a few
blogs this morning.  Editing this weeks Top 5 
to include every thing on Miss Donna's post today.
Can you say YUM! and Double YUM!!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho.....

We got hit with yet another Nor'easter last night.
We can no longer see the chicks..
The path; compliments of Oakley making his
way to the oasis he created under the picnic table.
I'm bundling up and headed out to shovel. 
If you don't hear from me, you know I've been 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30-Day Challenge

With the New Year came some new goals.
Many in my family are participating in a healing 
detox.  A 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge.
With some instituting a Raw Food Diet.  Each 
member will adjust the challenge to accommodate
their likes and their lifestyle.  
I've joined the challenge.  Over the next 30-days,
I'll be sharing links to family member blogs, recipes
I use and daily tips.  I've made adjustments to fit
my life.  My work life may be a challenge, with
several events and cooking classes coming up.  
 Mr. Norm does not participate in the challenges.
For some odd reason, the creativeness with my
cooking is heightened during these times of 
Mr. Norm is fed well, whether I'm detoxing or not.
I think I'm just more aware or maybe the brain fog
is lifting.
The following conversation occurred last night while
we were preparing dinner:
Mr Norm:  Did the bread go the bed?
Me:  What?
Mr. Norm:  Did you put the bread to bed?
Me: What?
Mr. Norm:  Did you put the bread back in the sleeping
bag Sarah made you for Christmas? it me with the brain fog or is it...