Monday, January 18, 2010

The Beginnings:

Mr. Norm has a problem.
An addiction really.
I have come to believe that this
may torment him in his sleep.
It happens every August.
The scent drives him.
He must have them.

Our girls and I, we've become co-dependents.
This August day was no different.
The moment I opened my eyes I knew.
I could sense his desire.

Blackberry Season....

Laden down with bug repellent
and every container that we owned,
 the berries didn't stand a chance.

That warm day in August,
with the smell of berries in the air,
the eerie sound of coyotes in a distant calling out my name.

The wheels were set in motion.
It was those freaky coyotes that really did it.
The circling!
The howling!
They were closing in on us.
I, the brave soul that I am, retreated to the safety ness of the truck and pulled out:
"Uncle Henry's".
Opened the page to Livestock and there it was.!

That simple little ad.

"Free to Good Home:
 2 Chickens and a duck."
"Must go together!"

And then the next ad read:

"2 yr. old Jenny."
"Jenny is a sweet soul, a loyal and trusted donkey."

Be still my heart!

The day that changed our lives forever.....

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  1. You will have that donkey some day! I believe it is your destiny.