Monday, January 18, 2010

Grammie T. turns 84!

I pray that I am like Grammy T. when I turn 84
Grammy T. is Mr. Norm's Mom.
Oh, how I love this lady.
Here are a few things that Grammy T. has done just in the last 6 months:

Her Bedroom
Stripped wallpaper.
Repaired the plaster.
Painted walls, ceiling and trim.
Made new curtains.
This room is beautiful.

Note to self: Get pictures.


Her Kitchen
Pulled up old linoleum.
Pulled nails.
Prepped the under floor.
Hired someone to install the new floor.
Stripped wallpaper
Filled holes.
Painted ceiling, kitchen cabinets, walls, and trim.
Hired someone to install a new counter.
Rehung clock collection
(that alone made me tired)
Made new curtains

This lady is rusty crusty junk royalty.

She was junk sophiscated back in the 40's and 50's.

This sassy, firey one of kind lady is 84 today.

Happy Birthday Grammie T.

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