Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

My first non-construction project at the Turner Farm
has roots from my childhood memories of growing up in
this wonderful old farmhouse.

And the memories of huddling around one of these
on cold winter mornings.
 It was always a race to see which of us kids would get the premier spot.

Both my parents and Mr. Norm's brother and sis in-law have one.
I covet them every time I enter their kitchens.
They scream welcome home!

Our new farmhouse has no room for one.
We built the kitchen around my new stove.
Really, we did!
 It was delivered right after the framing of the outside walls were done.
Discovered that it wouldn't fit through the door.
Luckily, we had not started the roof rafters yet.
So we called a friend who happened to have a boom truck.
My stove was air lifted into my kitchen.
Want to know how much fun it is to build a kitchen around a 7ft crate?

 I am headed to Bangor today,  to pick up my project.
Be back soon.....

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  1. ooooohh. now i'm intrigued! can't wait to see it. loves ya mums!