Friday, January 22, 2010

Is it just a Mid-Life Thing?

We were caught in a whirlwind.

Our house, no our home, sold.
Deed to our 128 acre dream in hand.

Now, where are we going to live?

Our girls were beyond themselves...
proclaiming that their mom and dad had lost total sense of reality.
Looking back, we probably had.
but it felt SO good!

In the same time span,
dear friends had sold their family business,
sold their home, bought a glorious motorhome,
and started on their adventure.
 Living their dream.

One of my closest friends,
left her family and married a childhood sweetheart.
I pray that she has found her happiness

Another couple, with their two older children
 getting ready to leave for college, had another child.
Both of their older children are now married and they are
having the time of their life with the youngest.
Living their dream.

Could it be?  No!  Were we?

March 17, 2007
The day we closed on the sale of our home.
That beautiful home, we built,
when I was still in my 20's!
Was I ever in my 20's?

If you've ever sold a home after raising a family,
living your life there for over 20 years.
You know!
It didn't hit until the night of the closing.
We had to go back to the house to pick up the dogs.
 There were people in my house.
People moving their stuff into my home.
At that point in time it didn't bother me, not really.
Wait, It will!
We pulled into what is now "The Turner Farm"
and we got stuck!
 We were in the middle of a blizzard!
22" of SNOW! 
I in my danskos and Norm in his mocs were in for a long winters night...


Yup!  This was now home.
All because I am frugal. No, I am cheap!
Mr. Norm wanted to rent, while we built.
Oh, no!  We had this and it would not cost us anything to live.
I blame it on the hormones, the state of fog!
Our girls concern that we had lost all sense of reality,
was probably justified.

Our first night in our new home was one made of

Did I tell you Mr. Norm has a thing with keys.
Like a crow,  if it's shiny, he's got to have it.
The problem is he always (no exaggeration) looses them!

Well, this was no exception.
My car was back at his office, because he
had taken it to work and then promptly lost the keys.

After a 1/4 mile hike, in the dark, in the snow.
(wish I could say uphill both ways,
but that would be an exaggeration).
I prepare to go to bed and it hit me.

Me:  Norm where is all the bedding?
Norm:  hmmmmm.  in your car.

By this time, the shock of what we had done hit.
Complete numbness blanketed me.
Something had to keep me warm.
I vaguely recall slipping into a pair of fleece pjs
followed by 2 pairs of workout pants
a t-shirt, a sweater, a sweatshirt, hat, mittens
my bathrobe and finally wrapped up in afghan.
Sweet Dreams... somebody please wake me!

Mr. Norm picked me up from work the next day.
He had been shopping:  blankets, pillows, down comforters, and
He looked at me and said:
I know that each color of  rose stands for something,
so I got you one of each to say:
I'm sorry, I Love you, Forgive me, I'm sorry, I love you!

If this a Mid-Life Thing, I can honestly say
that I have never been happier.

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