Sunday, January 24, 2010

Edited: Oh Truffles!

It was a tough day at work.
A job not for the weak of heart.

Today we played with CHOCOLATE!
Becky of B.Potter Wine Chocolates was our Guest Chef  at the Winery.
What a fun day.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
paired with an Apricot Sparkling Wine.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Truffle with crushed Hazelnuts
paired with a Blackberry Port.

Yup it's a tough job!

Came home to this. 

(online at Life)
Mr. Norm has been busy!

(ok, total exaggeration)
 After spliting and stacking our pile
it sure did feel that big!

Ready for some comfort food!

Made Soup for dinner:
16 dry bean mix, soaked over night
Beef stock from the freezer
bay leave
garlic - from last falls harvest
2 jars of tomatoes from last falls harvest
carrots from last falls harvest
onion, celery, broccoli, baby spinach, and farfalle.
note: if using stock from the market
purchase the small jars of better than bouillon
Your not paying for the water and you have control of how rich your stock is.
I like mine rich, so I use quite a bit and allow it to reduce
prior to adding the other ingredients( I add the bay leave while the stock is reducing).
add beans to the stock.
Sweat the onions and celery toss into stock.
Lightly caramelize the garlic and add to stock.
Add tomatoes, carrots(sometimes I will caramelize these to add a hint of sweetness)
broccoli and baby spinach.  I precook the farfalle to al dente and add right before serve.

While I got caught up with my favorite blogs:
  Rosemary Popcorn.
Crushed Rosemary - from my rosemary bush
add to oil and butter in covered pot - allow flavors to infuse.
Add kernals to pot, cover and pop.  YUM!

Will be with family for the day.
Monday is project day!
I am excited to start this project.
Cast Iron, Rust, Wood, and Burlap!

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  1. Well, I am totally starving now! ;) I am not sure what I want more- the strawberries or the soup. And great tip for the stock. I am going to try that.