Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Kitchen...

3 years ago, while living in a beautiful home.
A completely finished, well organized,
 construction zone free home.
We hatched a plan.
Sitting in the hot tub, discussing this plan, it sounded PERFECT!
They always warned us against having a glass of wine,
while in that kind of heat.
 Does something to your sense of reasoning or something..
Our plan was set in motion the very next morning.
2 months later, with a contract signed on our house,
we bought our 128 acres and the seeds were planted.
I will share with you some of the adventures along the way,
and there have been MANY!
Right now, I'm focused on organization.
You see, my kitchen is, do I even dare say it?
My kitchen is almost ready for stocking, organizing, decorating.
It's almost ready to make it my own!
With odles of empty cabinets, drawers, shelves and pantry,
the possibilities are endless.
Did I tell you that everything we own, well with exception of construction tools,
has been in storage for this entire time. 
Yes!  Everything!
Words escape me, as I try to describe the excitement.

My stove - 10 burners, 2 ovens of glory!

Yes, I'm excited

It is oh so close.

no space is wasted space!

Nothing has been hired out.
From cutting the tree down that once stood where my
wine rack now resides,
 to hefting 8ft sheets of plywood up 16ft to reach the peaks.
We scoured every bargain bin out there.
I think you'd be amazed with the $$ we have from ground to completion.
Once we have the final tally, I will share with you

We did it.
With our money.
Not the banks, not the savings.
It was purchased as soon as we had saved enough for it..

 This is our kitchen.....

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  1. ok. . i have come back to look at your stove like three or four times. it's inCREDible!!! :)